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Dream: The Giants Will Walk Again – Anyonomus Author

Dream: The Giants Will Walk Again – Anyonomus Author

When I was 6 years old God gave me a prophecy of end times in my
dreams for 2 months straight. The same dream over and over again. In the dream everything I read about in the bible later in my life matchs the environment of the end times.

Everyone was chasing vanity and lust. Storms getting stronger and stronger. Lightning and thunder in the skies. Then they came. The Giants. The one thing that always stood out to me that I had troubles with because It was so fantastical. Was Giants walking the earth again. Big Giants 3 stories tall ripping roofs off of building stepping on people. One of them came specifically for me. But I can see
and hear many more in the distance wreaking havok on the land and peoples. The Giant took the roof off of the 2 story building I was in and stepped on me with a wicked grin on his face. I went down into the earth and was surrounded by dark giant spirits mocking me. I stood my ground to them. Then I was shot up back to the surface. But it was Heaven on earth.

The Giants will walk again.

Jan 13, 2013


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