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Jeremiah Johnson

Febuary 1, 2019 9:27PM


•Released with Permission from Lou Engle and Will Ford

On January 28, 2019, I had a prophetic dream where I was taken up to an elevated position over the United States and saw the word, “Nineveh” written over the landscape of the nation. I then was immediately taken into a large courtroom that was filled with all sorts of angelic beings. Many of them had beautifully colored wings while others had the features of humans, only taller in appearance. A gavel was suddenly slammed down in the courtroom and our attention was shifted to the case at hand.

The United States and Nineveh

A man in a suit quickly walked in carrying a brief case that had, “The antichrist spirit” engraved on it. He approached the Judge and on the paper he handed to him was clearly written, “ABORTION”. It seemed as if the angelic beings in the courtroom began to be filled with wonder and curiosity. It seemed that they were waiting for the Judge to make a ruling on the case so that they knew their assignments.

The Judge began to speak out loud in the dream and this is what He said, “The destiny of the United States in hanging in the balance as in the days of Nineveh. I once pronounced judgment on Nineveh and so I now pronounce judgment on the United States of America because they have tolerated the murder of My innocent ones for too long. However, I am sending my prophets in the likeness of Jonah from within and without. Yes, I am sending Jonah’s from foreign nations that will confront the antichrist spirit in the United States. Yes, I am also releasing My Jonah’s from within the United States who will contend against the antichrist spirit. Did Nineveh not repent from her wickedness and My hand of judgment relent? Can the United States not repent from her wickedness and My hand of judgment relent concerning this issue of abortion? You must understand that there are many watchmen in the United States that I have called to take a stand for LIFE and they have run from it just like Jonah. For this time and in these days, I shall call upon them once more!”

Lou Engle and the Grey/White Hairs

Immediately the dream shifted to a morgue where I was taken inside of a room and waited for a body in a bag to come out. The body was wheeled out before me on a bed and the bag was unzipped. Underneath was the body of Lou Engle. He had a very long white beard and had the appearance of a young physically fit man. I wept in the dream over Lou and shouted, “Lou, we need you! The womb of this nation needs you! The intercessors and the prophets need you! Judgment has been decreed upon the land as in the days of Nineveh, but the word of the Lord is that the judgment can be overturned! We must cry out for repentance and mercy in these days!”

Suddenly, one of the angelic beings who was in the courtroom earlier appeared with a gigantic golden key. The angel drove the key directly inside of Lou’s heart and a bolt of lightning hit the room. Lou jumped off the table with a staff in his hands. He looked at me in the dream and said, “Jeremiah, I once as a young man called the Nazarites forth in this nation, but now as an older man I will call forth the grandparents in this nation to fight for LIFE!”( I felt instantly in the dream that there was a direct connection in the spirit realm to grandparents in the United States championing this issue of abortion in their last days. They in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s are carrying specific authority to do so.) Lou continued and said, “I once called upon the long hairs (Nazarites), but now I will call upon the white and grey hairs.” (Grandparents/Older Generations)

The Fight for Life in the Black Community

The dream shifted yet again as I found myself in a sea of people as far as my eyes could see in Washington D.C. Millions of Christians had gathered on the Mall in D.C. to fight for life. Lou took the stage with Will and Dehavilland Ford (African-American leaders) and they made a decree to everyone present in the nation. Will Ford declared, “Beyond political parties and racial affiliations, we will stand together for LIFE in these days.” I heard God immediately say to me in the dream, “The issue of abortion will divide the African-American race in the days ahead. Some will refuse to hear what I am saying, while others will be given a justice mandate like never before.”

One last time, the dream shifted to a newspaper article highlighting an African American woman who was raised up in politics in the years ahead that would force the black community to choose between life in the womb or political party affiliation and race.

I heard God say, “You have been warned America. What will you do with the judgment of Nineveh upon your nation? Will you fight for life and see mercy fall upon you or will you remain silent and watch as great destruction and economic collapse fall upon your land?”

Then I woke up.

-Jeremiah Johnson

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  1. Kathreen Margaret

    Thank you, and well worth sharing this Word
    far and wide!!

  2. I too, was shown the connection of American and Nineveh while reading the Book of Jonah. The LORD then put it into my heart to start a FEBRUARY FAST and to pray that our leaders would humble themselves and repent like in the days of Nineveh! Here is the article I wrote about it on January 27th, 2019:

  3. David

    I attend a church that may not go out and picket the abortion clinics. But we started a women’s clinic in an area of our town that certainly needed it. We do our best to offer women an alternative to having an abortion. We also minister to these women and some even come to a personal relationship with Jesus. Many people from our church actually adopt babies that might have been aborted. We do are best not to condemn but to love and offer women that find there selves in a difficult position a better way. We try not curse the darkness but shine a light on it. Most of us reading this word given on this site would like to see these demonic laws overturned very soon. As long as these laws are on the books we might have to rejoice in one victory at a time and allow the Lord to change one heart at a time

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  5. John Ashcraft

    Sign of Jonas has two parts. Part 1 is 72 hours or 3 days and 3 nights. Part 2 is Elul 1 which is 40 days from Day of Atonement. Moses wet up the mountain for 40 days and 40 nights and came back down and did the golden calf event and then back up on the mountain for another 40 days and 40 nights and came back down on the Day of Atonement. 586 BC was the #2. Yeshua’s baptism was 3 on Elul 1 and then went into the wilderness for 40 days and began HIS ministry on Day of Atonement. August 21 Solar Eclipse over the USA in 2017 was #4. In 2018 on the Rabbinic Day of Teruah which was Biblical Day of Elul 1, we had an asteroid pass by in close approximation to the Earth and a Green Comet pass by which signaled Satan being cast out of Heaven to war against mankind on the earth. Dec 9th, 2018 on the New Moon, Venus the bright morning star was birthed in Virgo after being in the womb for 26 days which signals a watch day for January 17. So that leaves one for March New Moon. Possible Exodus Plague showing up. Nibiru shows up in the Heavens 40 days from Marriage of the Groom and Bride and Armageddon on the Day of Atonement in April on April 15-17.

  6. Apostle Gary Munger

    If this vision is a true vision it will happen! God does not delay his decisions but appoint’s time and place of His Judgement! Please pray for the Grandparents,Both Grandfathers and Grandmothers to pray for God to intervene in this abortion issue and curse the enemies plan to steal,kill,and destroy the unborn! Only we as Christians and call upon the Name of The Lord and His Blood to Save the innoncent lives taken by Abortion and the life blood of this Nation! Blessed be the “Light Bearer’s of Christ!” In His Name,Jesus we pray to Save the United States of America! Be Blessed! Apostle Gary Munger

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