Dream: The Evil Master & His Train – Cheryl Adama

Dream: The Evil Master & His Train


Cheryl Adama

She came to the table of a great man. He was SOMEBODY and to be revered. Yet she came unannounced interrupting his meal with his son and began blurting out her allegiance – with no meaning because she showed no respect to him as she began to tell him how things were going in her life (boasting) and what she wanted from him. She was foolish in her words and how she did not respect his position over her. He listened to her ramble on, he showed her his patience – but inside, he was seething and he hated her. He was absolutely full of fury towards her. Next scene I see her on a bed, she had been brutalized by him and was in great agony in her pain. He had raped her like 10 evil men and then beat her to a pulp – for he hated her for her approaching him like she was somebody.

Interpretation as I hear God speak:

The spiritual realm is certainly like the dream you had regarding the master who was full of evil and hate to his subjects. Those who are not for Me, are against Me – and serve this master. I speak of the religious. They do not see that they pray to him, in My name. They do many things for him, in My name. Nor do they understand that he assumes My name and position (in their eyes) – when they do not obey Me and do My will. It is like a train track that shifts onto another track, very slick and without any notice to its passengers. This is how he works in those who have walked in My ways, but because they have not listened to My convicting or My voice, nor sought to follow after Me through My Word – they are easily lead off onto the false tracks of this enemy. You see, though they parallel My own path, there is great distinction between the two. Only the ones who walk in obedience and my spirit can easily see the difference. While the one who is walking in their own rightness – they will not see any distinction, because they do not know Me. Nor I them. What you mean, many would ask when I say this. I am not one who has been known, or will be known – but one who must BE known. To know Me is to walk in Me. When anyone who confesses My Name, but does not walk in My ways and according to My will – they do not know Me and I will not know them, for there is no bond, no connection. As it is said – to remain in Me is to abide in Me. So, the perils that befall those who are on this satanic train, are from the enemy’s own hand, and is granted because of their sin they choose to hold and live by. Their bodies are thrown into sickbeds. They are brutally attacked, physically, emotionally and mentally – and this is done in by the hand of the spirit realm. People laugh when they hear such talk yet the joke is really on them, sadly. For this is the craft of the enemy, to take away from them the reality of the truth, that what afflicts them is caused by his own hand….because of their disobedience to Me. For there are a great deal of the religious who will say rightly, ‘the enemy is attacking me!’ But in not right in the context. For he attacks ONLY because they walk in sin. For those who walk with Me are not attacked by the enemy. They are chastened by Me. For it is My own hand that these come. As a father who loves all his children, so I love all who I chasten. And true, there are consequence to sin, and when my own walk in sin, they are struck by its hand – in consequence. But they will see, their sin and repent. This is the stark difference between the two – a repentant and humble heart. I have mercy on whom I have mercy, and extend grace by My own word. But all who walk in My Name in truth and pure of heart, I let not them be ‘attacked’ but I will allow the smite of their sin to come upon them, for reproof and correction. It is not so with those who ride the train Satan hosts. They are at his mercy – and to their own shame, he has no mercy, only a wild furious hatred.

You see a great many of the religious in sick beds of their own making. They believe it is the ‘cross they must bear.’ Because they have lost their way, they do not realize that I am no longer in their midst. If you were to tell them this they would kick you to the curb and take great offense, for their hearts are full of pride and say in their heart that they are right with Me and only love Me and have devoted their lives to Me. But I say, they do not come to Me so I may tell them different, nor do they even spend time alone with Me to seek Me. They do not know how! They will go to their leaders, their groups and man’s teachings, and have great discussions and even pray great prayers – but in truth, their hearts do not truly seek Me. For I tell ALL who come to Me in sincere heart and minds set for obedience, the Truth and they will find Him and be set free.

Look at My servant Job, all who are Mine, are kept under My watch – and what they go through is with My Hand upon them. The difference is I give My peace to those who are under My rule and My Glory, My name is always lifted up among these.

This is a hard word, but one that must be spoken – and God is merciful, and still calls but His voice grows faint, to those on this train

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  1. sophie

    Could you please clarify what you mean when you said:
    They are brutally attacked, physically, emotionally and mentally – and this is done in by the hand of the spirit realm. People laugh when they hear such talk yet the joke is really on them, sadly. For this is the craft of the enemy, to take away from them the reality of the truth, that what afflicts them is caused by his own hand….because of their disobedience to Me

    (as far as I knew all the obedient are getting attacked and the disobedient are doing quite well it seems)

    I mean what about Godshealer7 who had a stroke. Did God leave her? NO. Is it because she does not do His Will? NO. What about sparrowcloud9 Erin who has a brain tumor? She goes to heaven and Jesus is always with her and she is obedient. Did He leave her? NO. Does she have a religious spirit? NO. She follows and obeys God.

    I am confused by this word. When you say “religious” what group are you exactly referring to? Are you saying those that follow the Ten Commandments are the ones that are religious or those that do not follow the commandments are?

    I am trying to understand because I know many have been attacked and they are repentant daily, they are walking the narrow road and it’s why satan is trying to take them down.

    • religious christian person is that one who reads the Bible, goes to Church, pray, worship the Lord, sing for the Lord, etc.. without the guidance of the Holy Ghost , somebody doesn’t talk daily with the Lord, we need to make sure we hear or get answers from the Lord, otherwise something is wrong
      Shalom !!!!

  2. Rosa Beltrand

    I see exactly that in myself and others with each sin our Godly/good part of conscience is like a light dimming. What I’ve learned and Most dont know if we resist the sin/darkspirit provoking us we can brighten the light up again. Searching for the truth, prayer, repentance and continually seeking wisdom and learning about God thru Jesus Christ. It is so empowering the more you learn the more eager you become to walk in His righteous path. Hoping to prove worthy enough to be baptized with His Holy Spirit, washing away our sins, renewing our spirit and finally reaching the goal to wear the spiritual armour we NEED to defeat evil and teach others how to do the same, living Gods Will. I Love all of you, spiritual warriors for the glory of our Father God and His Kingdom. Hallelujah. Great feeling of peace and joy and love. Glad I found you. Thank you God/ Jesus ❤

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