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Dream: The Evil Bee Hive, A Geodesic Dome From Hell – Pollox

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Dream: The Evil Bee Hive, A Geodesic Dome From Hell

September 9, 2023  3:07 PM

Sept 9, 2023

The dream opened I was in a field in the center of the USA. It was after the coming War and the Invasion by Russia, their troops were on the ground already. Behind in the distance was a forest of trees. Russian soldiers were setting up 32′ x 32′ x 32′ black metal bee hive like buildings, four were already assembled. I watched as they put together the fifth one. Triangular shaped pieces snapped together and small red and blue lights started operating. One of the soldiers pressed a button on one of the triangular components and lifted it off of the piece-work and replaced it back into the matrix. It locked shut with an audible click noise. The hive had one door only and the pieces surrounding the door frame were like wooden steps side-frames that all snapped into place.

Then the Holy Spirit downloaded the following:

  1. These portable buildings are Super AI Hubs, connected to Main-Frames.
  2. Anyone not marked or vaxed who enters them is immediatly turned into a pile of ash.
  3. They supply heat, air-conditioning, telecommunication, are radar proof to the USA Military.
  4. The door is the weak point and the only place it can be destroyed, as the body panels are impenetrable, once assembled The door frame pieces are 3 in number i.e. Left/Right/Top. The door was just set into place no hinges set-up was required.
  5. The building was totally heat sensitive to humanoids and could distinguish between animals and humans who approached.
  6. They also acted a nuclear bomb shelters.
  7. They can quickly be disassembled and loaded into trucks to other locations.
  8. They are a techno-gift from the Fallen Ones.
    Praise God Forever!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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