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Dream: The Cities In The Sky & A World Health Conference On Tour

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Only A Grain Of Sand

A Belle Epoque building, on a high hill, with terraces and a rotunda on top of it, was being used for a talk by a famous health expert. He was on a world tour, in our country talking about all the poisons in air, food and water, disease and new technologies, remedies. There were hundreds of people and families attending. He had the knowledge, he had the solutions.

I was alone and audited the first half of about two hours in length. He talked about many things I already knew, though many of the other attendees, were just now waking up to the evil agenda in our lives and environment. A break was announced, like a couple of hours to get lunch. Most folks left the main hall.

Deciding to go out of the building it was a beautiful day, and wanting to enjoy the grounds, I walked on the lush green lawns. As I was leaving the building near an exit door I noticed in the hallway of this side exit (not the grand central entrance to the building, but a smaller servant or domestic entrance/exit to the building) a set of rads with cotton curtains that had been washed, laying on the rads to dry. They were dry and ready to be taken off, so I tried to take them off and fold them, but they were tied to the rad. Since it was not my job really to interfere, I simply exited the building out to a vast terrace.

Descending some lower terraces and staircases, that showed a great vista of a big city. I recognized as my old home town, and walked on the lower lawns enjoying the view. Starting to dance (pray) around a tree (the Tree of Life), I suspended time (by my intercessory prayers), a lady walked up to me and wanted to engage in some conversation. She identified herself as from Ohio, and was called Wet-Sue. Immediately she questioned me on my faith and I testified to The Lord Jesus, but she interjected “I am an atheist, and am very wealthy. I have a lot of money.” I told her “You can be wealthy, but you still need the Lord, it is He who has given you these gifts, it was not by your own volition that you have gathered all these blessings. The world and it’s treasures are passing. God is not only for the poor people, you need to think about your eternal home.” She was really empty, restless, but interested in what I had to say, and looking for something in her life, that was still missing something, after making her mark in the world and collecting many riches.

Just before she approached me I had noticed that there were visions/images of modern cities, suspended in the clouds with the tops of huge skyscrapers, visible to the naked eye. It didn’t bother me as these have been seen all over the world. I had continued to dance (pray for the lost souls). It was my prayers that had drawn Wet-Sue to me.

Wet Sue had also seen these images and was extremely disconcerted. It was part of the reason she had approached me. She just had to confirm her vision of them, was she really seeing them, and what-they-were? Candidly, I said “These have been seen in China and all over the world. God is going to destroy all these Towers of Babel, of human pride. For verily Mystery Babylon is the United States, but the whole world is Babylon now.”

In our conversation we had continued to walk around and had ended up on a driveway, with concrete embankments that was an exit ramp to a highway. Sensing immediacy and danger I cautioned her “We had better get up on an embankment now.” We climbed up back onto the lawn area for safety’s sake.

The dream faded fast and I immediately woke-up, hearing the words “Write it up now.”


The lecture/conference was a con job by the one-world gang, they were going to clean it all up for us and make it ‘just dandy’ for mankind. Something like the Me-To-We monstrosity. The elaborate and beautiful building represents the fact that they have all the world’s resources at their finger-tips, and use them to snare the population with their lies. They were the ones that poisoned us in the first place! The one man who was the center of attention of the entire event, is the AC himself. I didn’t see his face but the whole flavor of the show/put-on was festive and involved all the populous, he had drawn us all in (except the believers). At the intermission I questioned if I should bother to stay for the second half.

The side entrance/exit as I left the building was the humility of God’s people in the situation. We Trust In Him Only, we don’t need the big facade, the grand entrance. He is our Grand Entrance. The simple curtains tied to the old-style rads are the curtains needed for the 3 Days Of Darkness, cleaned and ready-to-go. I had had a religious feeling as I was near them, touched them, like they were blessed, for a divine purpose, though tied-up for the moment. They would shortly be hung-up, to hide those who were obedient to God’s instructions for protection. “For he hath delivered me from the snare of the fowler”… “Of the arrow that flieth in the day, of the business that walketh about in the dark: of invasion, or of the noon day devil” (Psalm 91 V 3 & 6). That the curtains were in plain sight means we need to be ready, to have them prepared now.

The skyscrapers in the clouds is the immanent destruction of the Mystery Babylon (Amercia), plus all the major cities of the earth “…so of Babylon there shall fall slain in all the earth.”, (Jeremiah Ch 51V 49). Because the whole earth is now included in this beast/anti-God system.

Wet-Sue was one of the lost souls, but she was reconsidering her eternal fate, late in the day. The translation of her name in English from the Chinese means: What business? or What is it? I had mentioned to her that this phenomenon: cloud-city visions was also happening numerous times in China (see YouTube videos). As our conversation progressed and we found ourselves on a ramp to a major roadway, I cautioned her we had better get back-up on the lawns and off the road. I was sure that this roadway is a symbol that like a freight train we are close to fast moving transition to the entire Tribulation drama: forced chips, persecution, the end of this dying civilization. It will change in a moments notice, Keep Watch! The green lawn is the pastures of The Lord and His protection to His saints. Decide Now!

Only A Grain Of Sand

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