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Dream: The Boy, The Techno-Train, The Sea & The Church

October 17, 2021 11:20 AM

October 17, 2021

The beginning of the dream is gone, it happened just before I woke-up, only three scenes remain. I saw a small boy in a toy train. He was wearing a helmet and only his head and neck protruded out of the locomotive he was in. Then the locomotive morphed into this huge cumbersome machine that dwarfed the boy and the track it was on. It was obviously military space age technology.

Next, we were in a theater, packed audience in the house, they were silent. The boy and the techno-train were on stage, and covered it. The huge train was moving on a track heading towards the apron of the stage. I noticed an adult male figure at the back of the stage, he was the handler or director of the drama. He was dark, indistinct but very powerful, present and preferred the shadows to the stage light. I focused in on the boy and train, noticing the track was now precarious, like it was going over a gorge, on a toy bridge. The train-track was a flimsy mechano toy style, immanent danger was ahead!

Suddenly I became aware everyone in the audience had the same thought: Danger Ahead! Look Out! The Track Can’t Support That Monstrous Techno-Train! The train was at the very edge of the apron of the stage and close to the wings, pointed to exit the stage immediately!

Flip, the third scene came into view. I was on a high cliff edge, looking down, by the sea or ocean, very high up. I saw a thin strip of sandy beach, at the seashore. On the beach was the boy in the techno-train locomotive. I still only saw his head and shoulders out of the top of the locomotive. Standing on the beach was the shadowy adult male figure, still directing the action. He was looking straight at the boy. I heard nothing in the whole dream.

The train was moving left (evil). No track but it was moving forward. I turned my head to see where it was going and saw a monolithic dark gray stone medieval fortress church, that stood directly in the path of the church. The church was solid, standing on the sand, right at the seashore and was hundreds of feet high, towering way over my own head into the sky. It was impenetrable and dwarfed the boy, the shadowy male figure and even the techno-train, which all looked like little ants.

The dream snapped shut and I woke-up and started to contemplate it. Then I heard “Write It up.”


The boy is mankind.
The shadowy adult male figure is satan.
The techno-train is technology gone wrong, that has grown so large, bloated, cumbersome, overreaching, extravagant, headed for a crash against a church not made by human hands. For its Founder, origin/naissance is divine.
The audience (world) in the theater thinks the church is finished and knows in their heart-of-hearts, that the techno-train is going to crash, but collectively sits in their seats, without a stir, waiting… None of them made a sound to yell “STOP!”
The techno-train will crash into the church not made by human hands and be obliterated.
What is the fate of the boy (mankind), I never saw but mankind under the direction of satan will never destroy the church.



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