Dream: The Bench – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

January 16, 2019
“The Bench”

Last night I had a dream.

I was setting outside on a park bench, it appeared to be raining and cold.

I remember that I was weeping, and weeping very hard.
It seemed as though the culmination of life, the stresses and the pain the attacks, the heartaches and disappointments had finally overcome me.

It literally had my head in my hands and had my head down.
It was then the atmosphere suddenly seemed to change.
I felt someone draw near.
I felt Him set down beside me.

He took my right hand off of my head , and He clasped it in both of His hands.

I wondered how did this person know I was here and why did they come to comfort me?
It was then that I looked at the hands that held my hand.

The had nail scars in them but they radiated with great light!!!
I saw a beautiful glistening white Robe that shone so brightly I could not dare look up….
I didn’t need to look up…
I knew this was my Lord Jesus, taking my hand and placing it in His nailed scarred hands!!

The peace and comfort I felt is beyond description!
The troubles, the pain, the heartaches seemed to flow out of me and it was as if He was absorbing all of them with His mercy and love…
I tell you I would have been happy to set on that bench for all of eternity!!!

I awoke…..

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  1. LaTonya

    In Nov 2018 the Lord told me to read Daniel. In the 8th chapter talks about a goat. I began searching about goats. I found that this was the year of the goat, chinese horoscope. So I knew it was a sign of satan cause the goats are on the left, symbol of Satan’s children, Matthew 25:31-33. The sheep on the right belong to Jesus. I also happened to find this prayer:http://hearthelordjesus.com/2017/12/02/important-deliverance-prayer/

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