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Dream: The Bear – Cloakmen

Dream: The Bear – Cloakmen

…..I awake in the middle of a field face down. It’s so cold, and the wind is blowing softly. A fresh layer of snow has fallen on top of a layer of crust. As I look around I notice a set of tracks in the snow, not human tracks but an animal. As I get closer I see that the tracks are from a bear, and not just any bear, a huge bear. I start to crawl along my belly following the set of tracks left by this monstrous beast. It is then that I notice that the prints are full of blood. Smoke fills the air and the sense of chaos is all around. It is then that I hear the words….“Be warned, the Bear is coming…..”

We in this country have believed for far too long that we are impervious to any major calamity on a nation wide scale. Our arrogance only precedes our pride in this matter. We will face the Bear ……and he will not come alone!

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