Dream, Trump

Dream: The assassination of president Trump, Muslim Jihad – Jenni Haan

By Jenni Haan

Saturday August 26, 2017

I just woke up from a very disturbing dream.

In my dream my family and I were camping in northern WI. My husband had taken the kids into town to go to church. I stayed behind at the campground to get everything packed up because it was Sunday and it was time to go home. I was in my tent packing up suitcases and sleeping bags and I was just about finished when all of a sudden I heard on the radio the announcer interrupted the song to come on air and say that the president had been shot by a Muslim radical, while he was attending a church service. His voice sounded so sobering as if he couldn’t believe what he was announcing himself. He said they were able to get close to the president because the Muslims were pretending to be Christian inorder to get into churches. The president thought they were people of peace. Then the announcers voice went from distressed to hopeless. He was getting more reports of Muslims opening fire saying that their holy war had started and it was every man for himself. The triggering event was the assassination of president Trump. Once that happened every radical Muslim around the world opened fire wherever they were at. I was scrambling in my tent looking for my 9 mil and I realized I had just threw it in my car. All of a sudden through the door in my tent I could see there was a family of Muslims that was starting to open fire with assult riffles, shooting towards my direction. I knew I needed to get to my car and that is when I woke myself up because my heart was pounding so fast. When I woke up my adrenaline was pumping because it seems so real. Northern Wisconsin gets pretty cold quickly but we were still camping in the fall. The leaves had not quite started changing colors but the air was very crisp that Sunday morning.


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