Dream: Tell them I’m coming soon. – Judy Howell

Dream: Tell them I’m coming soon. – Judy Howell

I had a dream in 2003 that the Lord is now impressing upon me to share again.

I was driving to work early in the morning and I suddenly heard a loud horn that sounded like an air horn on a big semi truck was right outside my window . I thought I was about to be run over by a Mack truck, but there was nothing there. as soon as the loud horn stopped I began rising up out of my car into the sky. at first I was scared but then I realized I was going to heaven and I had such a feeling of peace and joy ….it was joy unspeakable. I passed through a golden silky curtain, then I felt a soft mist against my skin.
when I arrived in heaven Jesus was waiting for me. As Jesus approached me I felt such a wonderful feeling of love wash over me and through me. it was a feeling I have never felt before or since. I could not look at His face. I only looked at His sandaled feet. we began walking and I asked Him if this was the rapture and where was everyone else. He said “no you are the only one”. I asked did I die? Jesus chuckled and said, “No you are just here for a time.”
As we walked I saw three or four small children who were jumping and running around and I asked if the children were going to heaven with us and He said, “No those are minions and they are not allowed in.” This was before the minion movies, and I had never heard of minions.
We came to a big beautiful ornate gate and Jesus said “you have to go back now” and I started crying and said “ no Jesus, I don’t want to go back, I love you, I want to stay with you”. Even though I loved my family on Earth I did not want to leave my Savior. But He said “You must go back to tell them I’m coming soon” and then I woke up.
When I tried to tell people about my dream and how wonderful it was to be walking with Jesus and that he was coming soon they scoffed and laughed and called me crazy, but now the Lord has led me to try again to convince everyone that he is indeed coming soon. REPENT!


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  1. Ann Marie

    Hi Judy, thank you for your post. Can you please explain minions to me?

    • Judy howell

      Some Bible translations refer to Satan and his minions.
      Minions are small creatures who are mindless servants to their powerful. Masters and do their bidding, usually evil deeds.

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