Dream: Sunlight at 2AM – Jonathan Theiben

By Jonathan Theiben

March 9, 2018

Dream: Sunlight at 2AM

Introduction: I live in central time zone far from the arctic circle where this would be common place.

Dream: In the dream I was outside there was a blue sky and sun was bright. The question was asked “What time is it?” The answer given to me was 2AM.

End of dream

Conclusion: this is possibly is a result of the pole shift (Isaiah 24), or Nibiru.

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  1. Kathy

    Hey dear brother… i didn’t know u received revelations. Awesome! Love ur blog!! Do u Think too, the 2 am could be when remnant is taken?? But I don’t understand the sky looking like 2 pm & it said a dark time. Is that why u think the pole shift?? I sure hope these latest revelations & thoughts of leaving from this weekend thru April is ON TARGET!! Lol

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