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Dream: STORM HIT!!!, Eiffel Tower fell – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

September 8, 2018

I don’t often pre-qualify any dream but I will admit up front much of this does not make sense to me, so as always, I will only report what I saw:

Dream September 8, 2018

I was working a security detail out in a public place. I happened to notice as I looked around at all the people scanning the crowd as one would do while working security, that there was a very large Jewish presence.

In fact I could see that they were celebrating it seemed. I rejoiced in this and it resonated with me because of there being Jewish blood in my own veins.
I could see the laughter, hear the music, people were having a great time.
Then I observed a large structure. It appeared to be made as the Eiffel Tower.
Yet the large semblance did not appear to be as strong or structurally sound as the actual Eiffel Tower.
As the people gathered at the base of this tower, I did as well and I looked up through the center of it.
I remember having my family with me.
We looked up to the top and swirling around the top were thunderings and lightenings and dark blue skies, and it was obvious a terrible storm was coming!

I told my family, ” I really hope no one is up there on the observation deck, its dangerous up there, a terrible storm is coming!”

Almost immediately the STORM HIT!!
It caught everyone by surprise except those of us standing at the base looking up.
I then heard the structure begin to crack and break.

With GREAT power and GREAT FORCE this structure fell to the earth and injured MANY!
I believe it took lives as well.

I could hear the moans and groans of pain, I could see the injuries ….
I was able to quickly pull my family to safety , only because I saw this coming…..very few around me even knew it was about to storm.

Immediately I begin to do what I’ve always done and pull people to safety and get them help.
I saw many Jewish people hurt and injured. This broke my heart.
As the dream neared the end….it seemed that a few days had passed and I was walking with my family and I heard and saw a Jewish funeral taking place …..I wept for the loss and their loss.

(In fact, for some odd reason I had this exact same dream twice in a row)

I awoke……

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  1. This may make more sense than you think. The setting is obviously in France, the terrorist attack is obviously in the heavy Muslim population of Paris. The Storm of Surprise is that the French Police did not intercept the potential terror event. The Target are the Jewish people in the Fall Feasts or for their celebration at the announcement of maybe the news of the Temple being approved to be built or some other reason. The weak Eiffel Tower structure may represent that France has lost control of it’s supremacy to the Muslims. The dead and injured may mean that’s it’s not a physical storm of weather but Terrorism for sure. This is my overly simplistic view. I’m no interpreter of dreams, but this is what I discern.

  2. Please warn EVERYONE by sharing the following link:


  3. Lisa B Ward

    I had a flash vision a while ago of the Eiffel Tower lying on its side. I noticed it looked quite chunky and short which made me realise it wasnt the real Eiffel tower in Paris. My next thought was Las Vegas. I didnt receive anything further.

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