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Dream: Spaceships Invading The Earth – Limelight Rain

By Limelight Rain

Febuary 25, 2018

2/24/18 I have a dream. It was about spaceships they were invisible and they’re on the skies but I can see them. Two Orbs shining so bright they are surveying earth already, then they combined and it multiplies. A big spaceship arrived and I said were doomed. There was a mango tree and there were 5 fruits and ripe near the house. The mango fruits were touching the ground so I wanted to save it. But in front of the mango tree were a flashing lights indicating the spaceship just touch down the ground. I then grabbed the fruits and went immediately to the house. The sky was sparkling indicating that there’s incoming spaceship and then a spaceship appeared then transformed to one gadget on the towers in order to spy the whole earth. I then record this with my phone I thought it was so real but I woke up.

*This is my third time dreaming of spaceships invading the earth. The first was demons in the form of aliens just appeared nowhere. 2nd was the spaceships just appeared in the sky building a Kingdom and they covered all the sky.


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