Dream: Something that will be occurring very soon! – Victoria Ang

Victoria Ang

September 17, 2018

Prophetic dream::::
I asked the Lord to give me a dream of something that will be occurring very soon!I was given this dream:::

In the dream I was called into work for an emergency ( nursing job)…. I dashed to this room I was told to go to! The room had many doors that came from different directions. When I got there I found some people in the room putting on new shoes and walking around a bit back and forth as to see how the shoes fit! I was handed a PURPLE (means royalty) gown to put on BEFORE I could start the work ! I went to change and the dream ended!

(I am a RN in real life, but was told to quit my nursing job in 2008 to go into one on one training with the Lord and he would provide! )

Here is the meaning::::
The Transformation will soon be taking place! Final adjustments are being made for those that will be helping bring in the end time harvest !!! The different doors means the various areas they will be coming from!!!!! 🙂

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