Dream – Ruth Johnson


Nov 12, 2019, 1:26 PM
Ruth Johnson

This was more than a dream, I was there. It happened about three months ago after I had fallen into sin with alcohol, it is my weakness, I was recovering, not drinking for three days, but extremely sick, and it was self-inflicted. I could not get out of bed, the remorse I felt was burning me up for I could not feel Gods presence. I was so lost! Repenting like crazy!
I always sleep in my clothes, bad days my boots too, like armor. Dream night I was soaked with sweat so stripped to my panties.
Finally fell asleep. Came to laying on my side on the floor of a room, carpet, to my left a hotel like couch on a wall between two high ceiling doors. I thought I was there to watch some children while their parents readied for a children’s play, and knew I was dressed only in black panties but was not concerned, unlike real life! Through the door to the left of the couch a stuffed pink bunny ran out and across the room and slammed its head in the opposite wall, some loose papers covered it. I dragged myself over to the couch and up on it but was still stooped over. A woman about my age, 60, but stern, came in the door to my right and looked at me and I decided to pull the truth out of my non pocket right away, pointed to the papers in the corner and said a pink stuffed bunny just ran across the room and slammed into that wall. She looked, got disgusted, went to look for it, gave up and left. Then a puppet bird ran in and up to me on the couch and lightly touched my finger. It was like the ones they sold in the 80s, a body, head and feet connected by ropes with puppet strings. This one had no strings and now another had run in and were dancing around. I thought in my head, how are they doing this? Then immediately a young boy, maybe 8, jumped into the room from my left holding up a celphone, staring at the screen, not touching it, and jumping around like the birds. I could tell he was faking it. I stood up and walked out to the left, there was no wall that side, it opened into a larger room where props for the play were lined up, I guessed to be moved to the theater. They were all plastic, folded, and looked like sandwich boards or wet floor warning signs but bigger, basic colors lined up with each other, a lot of them. I turned and said to one of the women they had worked hard. There were several women, older, dressed like sales ladies in conservative suits and dresses, moving around working all at the same speed, not fast like the toys. They did not acknowledge me. I moved into this area and the place was like a super nice hotel resort, major high wood ceilings, beautiful potted plants, but big TV screens up high along the walls streaming strange things like Times Square. It was open to the outside, lawns, palm trees, big bromeliads. I walked through this lobby, there were merchandise counters to my left, think Neiman Marcus, glass counters, tall wood cabinets with glass shelves full of big boxes of expensive perfumes, quiet salespeople carefully restocking. The first lady came up to me and I asked her who she worked for, wanting to know who my boss would be. She got up behind the merchandise counter and in a loud voice started announcing the things her boss had done, killing many, etc. Realizing she worked for Satan I decided to leave. I was really hungry from being sick and there was a plate of cinnamon rolls sitting on a counter by my left hand, stacked, covered with icing, but the top one was crooked. A lady came up to pick up the plate and said, oh no, I have to replace these. I got the impression she wanted me to say I would take the messed up one off her hands but something told me no. I also got the impression they wanted me to take something and I would not have to pay for it. I woke up but was immediately dragged back in. Now I was lying flat on my back a little further down and two people were trying to pull a skirt on to me, they had it past my knees, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and tried to push it down, it was white satin covered with huge purple flowers overlayed with sheer white fabric, full. A lady came up behind me and said, Oh, look what you found! How beautiful! I told her I did not want it I would never have anywhere to wear it. She sounded crestfallen and said But they are soft! I looked and I already had this strange gray, super soft velvety stretchy kind of glittery top on that did not go with the skirt! I realized all they thought mattered to me it was soft! I started really struggling to get the skirt off, kicking my legs and this skirt kept growing bigger, the purple flowers disappeared and it became one of those huge white wedding skirts with layers of sheer fabric and it was billowing all around me. I got it off, said thank you but no, and walked on but what about the shirt? No. I took it off, balled it up and tossed it behind me. Back to panties, I walked outside, turned to my left and there was a big old Chevy truck with a tall man in work clothes, someone I am more used to dealing with. He was unloading something, had his back to me, and I thought to ask him for an old towel or something to cover my chest, thought better and moved on. All this time I was not self conscious, oddly enough, and no one else seemed to care. There looked to be a picnic festival on the lawns, fancy food concessions, popcorn machine, high end carnival like. Somehow I picked up a knife off a counter with my left hand, a big butcher knife, and it nicked the inside of my thumb with the bottom square corner. It hurt, I woke up briefly, went right back. I had walked with the knife, looked at it and wondered why I had it, took it in my right hand and slid it carefully onto a different counter and turned to walk away then thought I should put it back where I got it. When I reached for it a man about my age, spiffy dressed, perfect white hair, laughed and said, Ah! So you just pick up a knife! I turned and walked away, knew my truck was parked out on the street, I had a white Nissan, I could see the cars parked and they all were white, I was hoping I had my keys but realized I had no pockets but kept moving. I got tangled in a tree that had red markings tattooed all along its branches but the tree was dead and black. I got around it and there was just lawn to the cars about 50 feet away, but sensed them coming behind me, three of the women, the one defending Satan was one of them, I did not turn around and look at them. They were discussing what to give me and one said something that sounded like acid, Satan lady said, no, ascetic, and a different lady came up to my left side, I did not look at her face but in her hands she held out a gold, jewel encrusted pitcher brimming with what looked like pink Himalayan salt crystals but were not. She said here, and was indicating she wanted to pour some in my hands, or mouth, not give me the pitcher. I said, What is it? Satan lady had come up to my right and said harshly, its ascetic, take it. I am not certain what either of the words were, that is close. I turned to her and looked at her face for the first time and yelled, I will not take anything from you!! Her face looked like an older women’s libber, bitter, she was furious. It was disembodied, surrounded by black, and it swiftly backed away and disappeared like one of those Looney Tune characters but without the yellow spiral. Then, brothers and sisters, I experienced an instant of blackness I have never seen. Blacker than anything, close your eyes, cover them with a thick, black cloth, nothing like this. I woke up terrified and had felt no fear through the whole dream. I could feel the Lords presence again and stayed sober since. Hallelujah!
Sometimes hell can be a fancy resort. The knife nick on my thumb? It did not bleed but left a scar and hurt for the rest of the day.



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