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Dream: Russians Decapitating U.S. Government Leaders – LEANNE ARCHINAL

Dream: Russians Decapitating U.S. Government Leaders

Something I heard on TruNews recently confirmed what I saw in a dream about 3 years ago in June 2015. Rick Wiles mentioned that about 3 years ago he heard in his spirit from the Lord regarding Putin’s restraint with the US that “He [Putin] has already made up his mind about when to cut off the head of the snake [USA].”

I heard Rick Wiles mention this before, but I had not heard him mention a timestamp, being 3 years ago, 2015, the same year I had my dream. Here is I saw in my dream.

I was in a public place, a school or something, and everyone was going about their day as normal. Then all of a sudden, they learned about something very terrible happening and and everyone stopped what they were doing and started moving urgently to get home to their families. There was a sort of panic as they knew they needed to contact their loved ones and be with them.

No one wanted to use their phones though for fear of the lines being tapped and their conversations being heard or traced. I knew this because I first tried contacting my family on my phone. When I called, I heard other voices talking through my call. My line was hijacked. That’s when I noticed no one else was using their phones.

I watched the news on television, but there was nothing about what could be causing this sudden panic, but there was almost a detectable fear in the newscasters faces and eyes, almost as if they knew something bad happened, but they had no story to tell or weren’t able to report it or they were too afraid to because of who was over them. It was weird.

Like everyone else, I started on my way home too, but this was proving to be difficult because of the chaos. I then got a text message from my mom saying “Oh no, it’s happened. Prayers, just prayers!”

I still had no idea what was going on, but I knew it was obviously very bad. As I started making my way through the crowds, I found my dad. He had come looking for my sisters and myself to bring us home safely. He made sure we were following him closely to get home safely because the usual easy way of getting to and from places, such as freeways and main streets, were being controlled by what seemed to be military type law enforcement, making people go the way they wanted them to go, not the way they wanted or needed to go. It was like martial law was in place.

Dad had found a way to bypass the forced passages and it led us home safely. He helped other people by letting them follow his short-cut too, even offering them refuge at our home.

When we finally arrived home, I looked over to my mom who was sitting in her chair with such a shocked, color-drained look to her face. I went over to her and asked, “What happened?”

She looked at me puzzled and said, “You mean you don’t know??”

She wasn’t being rude, just shocked that we hadn’t been able to hear the news of what was going on given the plethora of knowledge we normally get instantly with the technology of our phones, computers, tv, social media, etc. We had heard nothing, a black out, but she had the video looping on her computer showing what had caused this massive chaos. It had been posted on YouTube or something like it and it looked like it was recorded on someone’s phone. It showed all of our nation’s leaders had been rounded up on the front lawn of the White House and forced to stand in a circle, as if being made an example. The people forcing them into this formation were Russian terrorists. They were getting ready to decapitate each and every one of America’s head leaders. Our government had literally been taken over and was being decapitated by Russia.

America had fallen to a Russian takeover. Their Russian identity was very clear and specific. End of dream.

I felt very confused about this after I woke up. “Russia? Shouldn’t this be Islamic terrorists?” I thought to myself. But no, they were Russians.


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