Dream, Rapture

Dream: Rapture Left Behind

By Ashley Osh


Beloved Sisters & Brothers,

The Lord has instructed me to share the divine revelation of the rapture he gave me last night in the spirit realm via dream. However, first I’m going to recount a few events that transpired over the past few months, which helped me to better interpret the events from the spirit realm last night.

Many of you know, as I shared here, I had been seeing the numbers 144,000, and 444 all over, and thought I was going nuts. I then started to pray, and even fast during this period, and ask God to reveal what the significance was of me constantly getting zeroed into those numbers.

In a dream following that prayer, I appeared in front of a building where I had seen one of the numbers, and the Lord audibly told me in a loud, but slow speaking voice “144,000 means my chosen people, and 444 means the angels are aligned.”

Since that dream I’ve kept it in spirit regarding the the 144,000 who will be left here during the rapture, and that 444 as regarding the angels being aligned for the coming of our Lord.


It was a normal beautiful day outside, and I appeared in what seemed to be a school of some sort. One of the teachers was making mockery of the things of God, and had an unbelieving spirit. I spoke against her, and walked into a hall.

When I went into this hallway, the ceiling opened, and in the sky, very higher up, was a beautiful celestial setting, were angels and saints dressed in all white were marching out raising their legs as if they were doing an army drill. The angels had gold waist belts with their white, and giant wings. An angel stood on each side of the saints that were lined up in all white, so there seemed to be 2-3 angels only, with gold shofars (trumpets) in their hands. They blew into the shofars, and I immediately started screaming “IT’S TIME! THE LORD IS HERE! IT’S TIME!”

I then realized that I had not repented that day, and I started to ask for forgiveness. However, I was left here, and I thought “LORD FORGIVE ME! WHY DIDN’T I GET TAKEN? I AM A WOMAN OF GOD?”

However, to my surprise, I it was conveyed to me that I was left here on purpose to help during tribulation, YES, it seemed that I was left here as one of the 144,000, but in my mind, I highly doubt I’m one of the 144,000. I think the Lord was just allowing me to experience what they will experience. I pray to be taken up when it’s time, if it is the Lord’s will.

Immediately after the saints were taken, tribulation started. People went nuts, violence broke out everywhere, as if the demons were just waiting to wreak havoc.

For some reason, there was a small group of us believers, who huddled together, realizing we’d been left behind for a purpose, we gathered into some townhouse in a residential area. Before we could even go inside, demon possessed people were attacking and killing people on sight. However, when they would come for one of us who were purposely left behind to help, they could not touch us.

As one of them would get close to one of us, our body would crystallize, basically it looked like it would turn into all diamonds on the ground, and the evildoer would run away from us, and we’d then morph back into our natural form. It was as if the demons in the persons(s) was seeing us as diamonds who could not be touched.

Once we realized we were a special group left here, we huddled inside to devise plans to keep the unbelievers(evildoers) out of our space. We were watching the news, and people were being killed all over. Many people from all over the world began to call the phones, asking for the Holy Woman Ashley, and needed me to pray for them.

That was another confirmation as to my call to end-time help people get to the Lord before it’s too late. One of the people who called for my intercession said “They are killing in the mall like it’s a genocide.”


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