Dream: Rapture/Left Behind – Kelly Rhymer

By Kelly Rhymer:

May 18, 2017

Had a dream the rapture happened just night before last. It shook me so bad, I couldn’t fall back to sleep and I had to get up at 4am to get ready for work. The sign I saw in the sky.. that I think everyone on earth saw, was frightening. It was real bright, then faded out after people disappeared. Teenagers were running up to me asking where their parents are.. Wives were looking for their husbands and husbands looking for their wives. Everyone was in a complete and total state of hopelessness and despair.. true despair. Many were wailing out, saying, “Why, Lord? Why didn’t You take me?” I was trying to tell as many people as I could that the rapture happened, cause many had no clue.. they were just in total shock. I too was concerned, thinking, “why didn’t I go?” But my biggest focus was gathering people together who would listen to me to tell them what had happened… that’s basically how it went. But I’m telling ya, folks.. JESUS IS COMING! HE IS AT THE DOOR!


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