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DREAM: PRESIDENT TRUMP: A “burnt event” is coming – Adam Steiger

Adam Steiger

September 26, 2017
DREAM: PRESIDENT TRUMP: A “burnt event” is coming.

This is the first line that I recall hearing directly from Trump’s mouth (paraphrased). We were all inside something like this giant interior warehouse building which reminded me of a cross between a flea market and a department store:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: A “burnt event” is coming.

I was with Trump when he said this line, and I was either his Vice President or close advisor.

(Prior to this event playing out in my dream, there was a brief scene where Trump was in a public restroom and staring into the mirror. It reminded me of cameras being on him; as if he were being filmed)

Upon hearing that, I was immediately alarmed over the fact that he, somehow, should have known about the “fiery kickoff event” prophesied of by servants of the Lord such as Jeff Byerly and others (i.e. more than one servant is prophesying of this event).

Next thing I know, I’m now separated from Trump and I’m near the entrance of this large interior warehouse with his wife, Melania. As I proceed to walk with her, she then briefly walks away from me and off to my left. I recall her wearing something similar to the Calvin Klein outfit that she wore at the U.N.Assembly.

In response, I yell out “Melania-san! Matemacho” (Japanese: let’s meet!)

She then follows as we walk further along and come across Trump and others sitting at the end of this narrow, wooden table that is oval-shaped. I take an empty seat across from Trump, while Melania seats herself down next to Trump on his right.

I then say the following words, near-verbatim, to Trump:

ME: Sir, what do you know about the “fiery kickoff event”?

This was his near-verbatim response to me:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Do you know how corrupt the Department of Education is?! …

At this time, I can’t recall his further answer — but Trump did go into more detail about government corruption; and by his tone, it was like he was justifying the results that this event would bring.

After this, he was very stern as he said something to me like “Are you with me, or not?“

In response…dejected…I then agreed with him.

– – – – – – –

One other thing: before dreaming, I recall briefly being awake and praying genuinely for Trump’s salvation…and weeping a little over him.


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