Dream, Rapture

Dream: Post Rapture – Israel Wendy Falzoi


Had a dream today after lighting incense and praying quietly on my face.

I was normal, my unique self but others around me started changing. They had no emotions, cared little for nothing, didn’t smile, they became more animal like. There was a new government. They were military like, everyone wore uniforms in a grayish green. The higher ups wore gray and had helmets. There were a few like me, normal. One man that was like me had his son taken from him. There were older children and then there were babies but I assumed that the children that were below the age of accountability were taken to be with Jesus. There were three of us trying to find his son.

What was going on was horrible. People were treated like cattle, although they were separated into small cubicles at night, isolated. It was random whether the heat came on at night. Many children froze, it was survival of the fittest. Children that were born were immediately abandoned, a nurse gave the mother a fake smile then dumped her baby in the trash if there was any sign of weakness in the child. I walked by and smiled at the cute babies but was warned by one that was like me to never smile. There was no marriages, no parties, the only sign of socialization I saw was a group hiding in a barn and drinking. There was no love, no happiness, the sunshine was even gray. I didn’t see flowers or birds. I did see a cougar that was praying on people but when I approached it became as tame as a kitten and cowered down at my feet. That was when I realized there was something totally different about me.

I was totally unnoticed by the demons, those in charge. I realized why they wore helmets because they had leathery gray skin and reptilian eyes. I walked by them, without the scar of a chip in my hand or forehead and was unnoticed. I actually got up in ones face and they lowered their eyes and avoided me. I realized that I felt no pain, no cold, no hunger, and no suffering like the ones that the demons were in charge of. I also noticed that my body was young and beautiful. I was not able to be touched by the demons or harmed from those left behind. I saw many woman raped and beaten, I saw children eaten, I saw people subjected to all sorts of torture but me and those like me were not to be touched. I started to wonder what was the point in my being here. The man that was with me answered me in my mind without me even speaking out loud, “There are those who refused the chip and are hiding out, we need to save them and minister to them. My son is one of them. He is ready to hear about our Savior, Jesus.”

We continued on and picked up a few that were hiding out that hadn’t taken the mark of the beast. It was funny that there was a tight spot that I had to crawl through, we always seemed to know spiritually where to find these people, it was such a tight space that I stripped down naked, no shame. I was not even noticed to be naked and while the cold was forcing everyone to be bundled up, me and the others like me were dressed in summer clothes.

We finally found his son, he was almost dead, frozen because his room had not been heated that night and as his father ministered to him and asked if he would like to accept Jesus, he warmed up and there was a brightness in his eyes. He was not transformed like us, but the fire of the Holy Spirit was in him and it was glorious and for the first time in my dream, I saw a genuine smile.


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