Dream, Pope

Dream: Pope Francis – Elaine P

Elaine P

April 8, 2018

Dream of Pope Francis:

This morning God gave me a dream of Pope Francis holding a service. Lots of people were there. At the end of the service when everyone was standing, a middle-aged woman who was divorced asked him a question. (I don’t know what she asked.) Pope Francis came over, stood right in front of her, and began yelling angrily in her face! I couldn’t hear what he was saying. He kept yelling in her face so much that she was leaning back! Finally, he stormed off down the aisle to walk out. As he was coming towards me, I glared at him.

(This is just another confirmation of who he really is – unChrist-like, unholy, the false prophet in Revelation!
Then to top it all off, I went to see the movie “I Can Only Imagine” and there was a trailer for a movie called “Pope Francis – A Man of His Word” coming out May 18th!!! ugh!! It was hard seeing his face on the big screen right after having that dream!!)


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