Dream: Planes Falling Out Of The Sky – Shane Hamilton


Shane Hamilton

Dream: Planes Falling Out Of The Sky

August 25, 2016

I was standing down on my driveway and I knew to look up in the sky. I saw large commercial jets flying in straight formation of four rows. I could see these jets were different sizes of commercial passenger jets and the formation was flying from the east toward the west…. As I was watching this perfect flying formation, the planes went silent, and it was clear they had lost complete power ….The planes started falling, dropping out of the sky one after the other …. I realized they were coming toward our house…. Knowing the grave danger I started running up the sidewalk to grab my mom out of the house, then I woke up.

My brother Shane and I discussed the dream in detail and we both felt it seemed possible an EMP might be in the future of our nation… possibly in four areas of the USA or North America. Please be in prayer for our nation to repent and for mercy from our Father …. Hard times are on the horizon, please dwell in the secret place of the Most High.

Thank you Shane for allowing me to share the dream.

Yeshua thank You for this dream.


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