Dream, Persecution

Dream: PILLAR OF FIRE – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

Monday February 4th, 2019


*Very Important to remember BEFORE you read this dream, that I believe I receive dreams as warning at times for the saints and others for the sinner.

* I also believe I’m shown events and situations that will indeed happen, but does not necessarily mean that I will be here when it does.

All throughout the Bible we see that the Lord gave dreams to those, that would not be here to see it when it happened.

* For example, Daniel saw the coming antichrist, Ezekiel saw the future was with Russia, Turkey, Iran against Israel, the Apostle John saw the coming Rapture and subsequent Tribulation period, the Mark of the Beast, the antichrist, the One World Government and the Second coming of Christ.

All these men were shown things in real time, although it would not happen in their time, nor would they be there for it.

* This dream was AS REAL as any dream I’ve EVER HAD and in the dream I could NOT believe this had taken place.

*Lastly, make sure you read it until the end!!!

The Dream:

In the early morning hours of February 4, 2019 I had a very concerning, yet very real dream.

Something HUGE had happened in America!

I was not shown the event, I know the Banking System and access to all funds outside your own house was no longer accessible.
I remember being told that we were to stay IN our homes until given further notification of what to do next.

I talked with my family and we could not figure out why or what had happened.
We were not allowed by the authorities to even go to the grocery stores.
I begin to see some of the authorities and they were not American, although they had the features of a man, they were much larger and almost robotic in response.
They all seemed to be the same size and were about 9 feet tall.
I recall their uniform was green with red bands and they wore black boots that came up to their knees.

We started to discuss as a family how long we could survive with what we had on hand.
I remember thinking “I never really thought it would come to this!”

One morning we woke up and there was an envelope at the door.
I opened it and it had instructions on it…..it said:

“Tomorrow you will receive a package, you are to follow all instructions fully. There will be NO DEVIATION from the instructions, do exactly as you are told”

I thought “What could this mean?”
The next day there was a large box at the door.
I opened it up and the first thing I saw was clothing and sandals.
The clothing was all identical and looked similar to what a prisoner would wear.
They were white with black horizontal stripes.
What was REALLY strange was, without ever asking, they knew exactly how many sets of clothing would be needed at each house and the exact size of each person.

There was also a note.
We were instructed to get up the next morning, have those clothes on to walk out front and stand in our yard. We were ordered to leave EVERYTHING behind and absolutely NOTHING would be allowed to go with us.

We were told that any deviation from this “plan” would result in swift justice.

(Now admittedly, this would be TOTALLY against my nature to follow this plan, but in the dream, I did as everyone else did)

The next morning we all did as we were instructed to do. We put on those humiliating clothes and walked out front.
All throughout my neighborhood I looked and men women and children were all dressed alike.

Then one of the authorities came and told us to begin to walk toward a designated area….(in my dream there seemed to be a time lapse because I do not remember boarding a bus, but I remember getting off of one)

So we arrived at our destination and it looked like a fortress!
The brick architecture was stunning.
There were multiplied thousands and thousands of people at this place.
They were being yelled at to “HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!!!”.….

I saw people I knew who were at one time very wealthy, they lived in mansions themselves, yet there they were bring herded like cattle and treated like everyone else.

I remember thinking “My God!…this is just like the Holocaust, there is going to be another Holocaust!…but its everyone this TIME!!”

I then begin to get angry and I said in my mind:
“I’m not going to live like THIS!!!!…I’m not going down without a FIGHT!”

Suddenly, I realized that one of the authorities was standing right behind me as I had this “THOUGHT”.

He looked at me with those lifeless eyes and said:

I realized that this being could read my mind and thoughts and I literally gasped!!
It was then that I realized, as I was only distracted for a second, that I had been separated from my family!!

Anger rose up within me!
We were being told to report to different stations and constantly to “HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!”

I begin to make my way through the throngs of people toward one of the stations I needed to report to.
I then saw one of my best friends.
I went through the Police Academy with him.
He was the toughest man I ever knew and was “Special Operations” in the Military.

I was SHOCKED that even he was here!!
I called out to him…then I was stunned, he had his hands on his head, and was in handcuffs, his feet were shackled….

I said:
He replied brokenly:
“Look at me, just do what they say, this is too big, there is no fighting this!”

I begin to make my way through the crowd and regardless of what he said, I was going to organize a rebellion!

I went to the bathroom and tried to talk privately with other men…no one wanted to seem to talk, they were just mindlessly doing as they were told.
Then one older man walked up to me and said :
“Listen, don’t stand too close to these authorities, because when you are close, they can read your mind!”….He then said:

“There are a few of us who are going to fight this, but we have to be discreet because if they find you are going to oppose them, they put you in hand cuffs and shackle your feet!”
(I then knew why I had seen my friend shackled!)

As I went through the crowd several of us begin to make a plan to at least fight back in some way.
We knew how hard this would be since we had been disarmed and had nothing to fight with.

We then begin to meet in small groups, but before we could discuss anything any further, we realized that our grouping was caught on camera and the authorities showed up… and placed all of us in hand cuffs and shackles!

I had never felt more defeated in my life….
Now they were marching us, that were planning an uprising, away from the general population.

We knew what was going to happen.
I recalled praying:


As we were walking, there begin to come a “SOUND”….

EVERYONE including the authorities STOPPED!!
I heard one of the authorities say something and point toward the sky!!

There was a LIGHT IN THE SKY!
I knew this was no ordinary light because it looked more like a “PILLAR OF FIRE !!”

Then SUDDENLY there was a loud “WHOOSH” type sound and the FIRE SWEPT through the fortress, I immediately felt the power and presence of God!!!

I closed my eyes for just a second.
All around me the place glowed with the Glory of God!
I saw that there was not one of the authorities standing anywhere,….
They had been burned to ashes…

I looked at my hands,the handcuffs were GONE!….
I looked at my feet,…
the shackles were GONE!

The next thing that happened is almost too glorious to describe!

I lifted up my head, I looked towards the heavens and in the “Twinkling of an eye” I was caught UP into the heavens!!!!

I looked all around me and multitudes were going up!!

In the distance once again I saw my wife and daughter in the clouds…
We were all smiling for we knew this was what we had been waiting for!

I looked up again and saw a silhouette of Jesus with His arms open wide!!!

I can even recall as we were going higher and higher we begin to laugh !

ALL pain and hurt and sorrow was over, the earthly nightmare was over!
I suddenly looked ahead of me and I saw the beautiful shores of Heaven drawing ever closer…closer…closer,

We were almost there now….!!!!

I awoke……


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