Dream of Washington Monument – Marty Breeden

Dream of Washington Monument

October 28, 2019
Marty Breeden


I’m going to share another dream but allow me to clarify.
First, I never ask for dreams or visions…..the Lord gives those as He wills.

Also, there has always been seasons for me. Meaning that there are times that I can go days, weeks and even months and not dream at all.

Conversely, there are times when I go through a season of dreaming very often as I am now, according again, to what the Lord wills….
I just try to be obedient, when shown something I share and I stay SILENT when I’m not being shown anything.

So last night I had another dream:

“Dream of Washington Monument”

October 28, 2019

Last night I dreamed I was standing at the base of the Washington Monument. I was standing there with a friend and a relative.
The wind was blowing really hard and the air had a sense of storm in it.

I looked out over the grass and I saw “Marine One” (The Presidents Helicopter) coming toward us.

One of the Pilots asked us:
“Do you want a better view? We can take you to the top!”

We all agreed and boarded “Marine One”.
As we arrived at the top of the monument and stood and looked over Washington DC.
As we stood there, suddenly the winds begin to blow even harder!
I looked off into the distance and there was a MAMMOTH AND COLOSSAL STORM gathering and coming DIRECTLY for Washington DC.
We saw the lightenings, we heard the large pounding of thunder.
This storm seemed to contain all manner of colors, black, red, purple, blue….it was going to be all encompassing !!!

I then told my friends:
“We can clearly see what’s coming, it is time for us to go down!”

I’m not sure how….but the next thing I know, we were all standing on the ground and were several.hundred yards away from the monument.
We watched mighty storm hit and the monument begin to to swing back and forth and back and forth with the strain of the winds and storm!!!

It literally appeared that the monument was being rocked back and forth with such violence that it would SNAP INTO!!!!….

It was then in the distance I begin to hear the screams and shrieks and even the wails of the people.
It was heartbreaking…there was great pain and anguish with the people….
It seemed to be coming from every direction….

I then noticed that all around me was great darkness….
Through the darkness I saw men staggering around with nice suits on , but they appeared to be in complete and total SHOCK!!!
Something had happened, something had shocked the mind and hearts of men…..

I awoke……

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