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Dream of Trump – “I have put America under State control” – Tim

President Donald Trump declares a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border during remarks about border security in the Rose Garden of the White House on Feb. 15, 2019. (Oliver Contreras/For The Washington Post)

Dream of Trump – “I have put America under State control”

September 29, 2020 5:12 AM

I woke up from the following dream this morning (29/9). God has graciously given me more time to pray recently, so I believe the dream is from Him:

I was at the White House in what appeared to be the covered portico area near the Rose Garden. I was waiting for the president to address the press and the nation. It was like I was expecting a different president or authority figure to come and speak, but then Trump came to the podium. He said, “I have put America under State control.” As if to explain the move he followed that statement with, “I have always been America’s President.”

Original Interpretation

I believe the dream is referring to the fact that either currently or soon (or both) more power will be given to individual states within the US. Whether visible or not, states will virtually if not entirely be running themselves apart from White House influence or direction. This will happen through Trump, but really it will be God-ordained, for God’s purposes. I believe the line, “I have always been America’s President” refers to the fact that ultimately, God has been and still is America’s Sovereign leader and president. The move to give more power to individual states is His will. This is biblical because the Bible talks about the fact that he raises up and also demotes leaders:

He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others.

Dan. 2:21

People are focussed on Trump or ‘not’ Trump, but ultimately God is saying that HE has always been America’s president. This should encourage all of us, and in a healthy way encourage us to take our eyes off an excessive reliance on politics, and on to the One who is ultimately in charge and leading the US at this time, just as He always has. God will lead through WHOEVER He chooses at this time. And it seems He is choosing the leaders of individual US states as much as He is the US president. Presidents will come and go, but God’s leadership will continue! This should greatly encourage all of us. America will not live or die by politics, but by God’s leadership, and God Himself.

The dream may also reveal that a time of GREATER UNREST and TROUBLE is coming to the US soon. This may refer to the upcoming US elections, or to a time during the next presidential term where individual states will need to deal with both national and local problems and/or great unrest. Or it may simply mean that God is sovereign leading through the states right now. Either way, the encouraging part is that God has always been America’s president, and is in COMPLETE CONTROL, no matter which leaders we see or agree or disagree with. God is having His way in the current time, and no matter what may come in the months and years ahead.

Please if you comment on this dream, do not put an over-emphasis on politics. I believe this dream is emphasising God being in control. The point is to get our eyes somewhat ‘off’ the current president and leaders and on to HIM. Like in my dream, we should ultimately be looking to God as our leader, and trusting that whoever He chooses to lead, He is choosing because He knows best.

God is the one leading America at the moment for His greater purposes. So let’s TRUST the way He is doing it, and not give in to unhealthy fear, phobia, unfounded conspiracy theories, and other alarmist and speculative political intrigue. Let’s also be careful of either idolising or ‘completely’ condemning leaders that God has allowed or appointed to the lead the US.

May God be with the US, bless it, and do all that is good to Him!

God bless.


Update (Sept. 30th):

After further thought and input from others, I’ve realised that Trump could have been speaking about a Deep-State like power. It is very unlikely that God has ‘always’ been America’s president. Instead, just like I was behind the White House in my dream, it’s more likely that a hidden power has been behind every president who has ever held the presidency. If this is the case, the dream could have been revealing that Trump will give the nation entirely over to that Deep-State like power. Thank you for those who pointed this out to me. We all see and know in part, so we as the body need each other to see these things clearly. Please have a healthy skepticism of any leaders in the days ahead, and be ware of giving yourselves over to them in an unhealthy and ungodly way. Jesus is the most important leader we need to keep our eyes on in the days ahead, as it seems much deception could be at work behind the scenes. Please accept my apology if my initial interpretation caused any confusion. And please pray over this one.

*Interpretation correction (Oct. 1st):

After counsel with others and further reflection, I believe my initial interpretation was likely both incomplete and not entirely accurate. I apologise for this, but feel it’s important to correct because of the time we are now faced with.

I now believe the ‘State control’ refers to the fact that Trump has now put America under the control of a Deep-State like power. This power has always been America’s true president (“I have always been America’s president”). This interpretation is further reinforced by the fact that Trump appeared as a cartoon. That, coupled with the fact that I thought what I was watching in the dream to be a staged-production of TV’s The West Wing (and expecting someone else to come out/speak in place of Trump) shows that the current presidency is a staged production used by the Deep State to distract (entertain) and control the masses. While Trump may have resisted for a time, my dream reveals that he has now given the US over to that same power that controlled America in the past. Trump was out the back of the White House in my dream, and this Deep State power is what is running things from behind the scenes. The political furore and division that is currently going on in America is likely a result of what this Deep State wants. In a word, they want division. They want the nation and its citizenry to fight against itself. They likely even want Christians to do the same thing. This may result in power also being handed to individual states so this division can play out even more, but only time will tell. Dumitru Duduman, a Romanian prophet, was told by an angel that the future invasion of the US will start, “with an internal revolution.” This would open up an opportunity for the Deep State to get rid of the old system and bring in the ‘new’ one, the one world order.

While some of this interpretation could be viewed as speculation (the agenda of the Deep State), what we do know for sure is that my dream shows that Trump has handed over power to a Deep-State like power. A power that has always been pulling the most important strings of US leadership since it began, whether it appears so or not. This may portend great unrest to come, great deception, and the need for God’s people to be intimately aware that we should ultimately trust God as our leader. Satan’s plan is to divide us, to distract us, and to conquer us through getting us to hate and come against each other and come against God’s creation. Whereas God calls us to love one another, pray for those in leadership, and to ultimately follow Jesus and His ways, not man’s. Let’s not fall for the enemy’s plan to divide us and to get us to hate our neighbour. And to not fall for the schemes of men. God’s kingdom isn’t a political kingdom of this world, it’s a spiritual kingdom with Christ at its head. Let’s focus on Jesus in this season, and put our hope and trust in Him as we intercede for the US and for each other.


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