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Dream of Trump at the 20 yard line – Cassandra


Dream of Trump at the 20 yard line

September 12, 2021 6:03 PM

Rec’d by Cassandra 9/11/21

Hello my brothers and sisters in Yahushua,

We have seen a number of Words now about Trump coming back as the US president. I plea total ignorance about football, but will try to explain what I was shown in this dream.

I saw people lining up on what looked like a football field, on the sidelines, as if preparing for a half time show or something. One guy was listing off numbers, 25, 0 and 20, and there was something about Trump being at the 20 yard line.

There were groups of people/warriors on the sideline waiting in matching dresses. My dresses weren’t working, and didn’t match. It was almost time to begin. One of my friends from high school, Kristen Reichenbach found me and brought me to two pair of dresses. One for me, and one for her, and she said I could pick which ones we’d wear. (She would wear the identical one.). They were very intricately designed and much fancier than the ones the other people were wearing. I picked the one I liked best, and she took the other one. I think she and I were going to be a team. End of dream.

Kristen name meaning:. FOLLOWER OF CHRIST, anointed, a christian.
Reichenbach name meaning: Rich, powerful, strongly flowing stream. A most notable, influential family in Austria.

I had to research a bit more, and ask a couple friends about the significance of the 20 yard line in football. It can mean:. Change of possession (possibly Trump back as the US Pres.,) A fair place to start, easy to get a field goal, and it is also the “red zone.” (I apologize, but Indon’t know what that means or the significance of the red zone.). I wish comments were open again so others could comment. Take this and everything you read and hear to YHWH in prayer.

Also, we are in the Days of Awe, a time of repentence before Yom Kippur later this week, and Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles at the end of this month.

Please keep me in prayer, and know that I am praying for you, for everyone who contributes to and reads the messages on this site.

Much love, many blessings, much shalom to you all in King Yahushua’s Mighty Name. Happy Fall Festival time!!!




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