Dream, Economic Collapse

Dream of stock market collapse, no electric and lockdowns – Kristin Mitchell

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Dream of stock market collapse, no electric and lockdowns

May 28, 2023 3:56 PM
Kristin Mitchell


Dream: I was with Elon Musk. It seemed as though I worked for him. I was in a bank type building with heavy dark wood everywhere. Then the scene changes and I’m seeing a screen on a computer and the stock market drops down suddenly. I asked them if I should buy. Elon said, “right now will be considered high in a few days. Wait until it collapses.” Scene changes quickly & overnight it collapses.

Then everyone leaves the bank building and is ushered to their homes very quickly. All power was out. Only a few cars were on the road. Everyone had to walk home, some for many miles. There were droves of people on the streets. I walked and came home and my husband had been prepping our home. People were everywhere wondering what was happening. A female police officer was nearby w two police dogs and I spoke to her and told her I’d been waiting a long time for this to go down. She smiled and said we all need to stay inside, not come out. I tried to tell ppl they needed to stay inside to be safe. It seemed as though it would not be safe on the streets. Those who didn’t prepare were freaking out a bit. We were able to help those close to us. We went inside and locked all the doors.

End of dream.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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