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Dream of Seeing President Barack Hussein Obama at the Temple Mount/Wailing Wall – Gwendolen Song

By Gwendolen Song:

Dream of Seeing President Barack
Hussein Obama at the Temple Mount/Wailing Wall
Messenger Gwendolen Song
December 14, 2016

Before I share the prophecy I will state the most important thing! Are you ready to meet the Savior of the Universe, Jesus Christ? Are your sins washed in His Most Perfect Blood? He laid down His life for you in order that you may inherit eternal life. Please take the time today to consider where you will spend eternity if today is your last day. The harvest fields are ripe for the picking and Jesus is saying COME TO HIM NOW! Open up the door to your heart and ask Jesus to come in and live there permanently! Say, “Jesus! I don’t want to live another day without You and I want You to forgive me of my sinful living. Please Jesus, wash my heart clean with Your Mighty Blood and help get me on the pathway to holiness as outlined in Your Written Word. I don’t want to be left behind to endure the worst time that this world has ever seen, and most importantly, I don’t want to live another day without YOU!”

Please share this prophetic dream and interpretation as you are led by the Holy Spirit. Please go to the printer and push the PRINT button. You will want to keep this prophecy tucked away in your purse or Bible to share with others at a time you are not aware of. The spirit of Elijah is here. The spirit of Moses is here. The spirit of the Antichrist is here. The false prophet has orchestrated the printing of millions of “bibles” that have changed the requirements to enter eternity. Their hoax is just about ready to unfold. Are you prepared?

Get your cup of coffee and sit down.

Do you understand the purpose of holographic images? Do you know that millions of people are already seeing them every day in various parts of the world? In bars, hotels, office meetings…of course they are even in the movies. Haven’t you seen “The Giver?” The New World Order has every single puzzle piece that it needs to begin to unleash their mark of the beast, and at the time the mark is unleashed the New World Order will be right behind them spewing their venomous lies of a NEW WAY TO ENTER HEAVEN. Hogwash!!! It is all a pack of lies and you must prepare yourself for one of two paths.

The first path is one of holiness. Living for Jesus Christ. Living in a state of sincere repentance and wanting to do things the way our Creator designed them to be done. Not the way the Illuminati is spinning with their New Age ideology and Purple Rain type dreams. You must stay on the narrow path of Jesus Christ and seek Him from sun up to sundown. It cannot be any other way. If you are listening to secular music, STOP! If you are having a secret romance with another person outside of marriage, STOP! If you are spending more time in the world and a small portion in the Word of God, STOP! Stop now and repent. Go to the floor and cry out to the LORD JESUS. He has a very special order. It is called The JESUS WORLD ORDER! This is not a new concept if you are living in the Word of God. It is a way of living whereby one selflessly loves others and walks around looking for the lost. It is a way of hope, and the way of the Cross. It is the opposite of the New World Order. It is the only way to the Father, Jehovah God! So if you see me speaking publicly about a “New Order” I don’t want you to be too surprised! It is the “Jesus World Order” and it will destroy the New World Order hands down!

The New World Order’s path for you is STRAIGHT TO HELL! No second chances. No last minute “I’m sorry, Jesus, please give me another try!” Nope. It’s final! Say goodbye to any chances of paradise in heaven with the Messiah.

You may think that I got sidetracked from the Obama prophecy, but it’s quite the opposite. Obama is the Antichrist. He is, and there is nothing that you can say to persuade me any different. He is the Antichrist. The Pope of Rome is the False Prophet. The Vatican is the Whore of Babylon. And Babylon is the New World Order’s financial system! It is not complicated, so please do not make it out to be. The whore will consume the world by riding the beast, satan. The whore is already situated above the Throne of Satan which is officially located in the basement of the Vatican. There you have a very special mystery for today! The whore is already ON TOP of the beast! Just call it what it is! It’s a sexual position and it is provocative in every way because the whore wants nothing more than to ride the beast! You may glean from the internet while you are able to look at pics of the throne of satan, and if I am feeling energetic today, I will post one along with this fb posting.

My dream: I was shown President Barack Hussein Obama at the Wailing Wall (aka the Western Wall). Although I prefer to call it the Wailing Wall which is its older name, because whenever I am there walking to and fro in prayer over the Jews and Muslims, and the lost, I wail in my heart over the deception that has gripped them. I saw him there, The Antichrist, The One who will stand in the holy place and mock Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach) and say that he is the one true god! He was wearing a kippah (Jewish cap) and was hiding around the corner so no one knew that he was there. Of course Jesus knew he was there and Jesus knows every move that Obama is going to make in the days ahead because Jesus is the OMEGA. Never forget that either! Jesus has already seen the end and knows how every detail is going to play out—even your life span!

Barack Hussein Obama was standing near the holy place almost ready to take his place on the global stage, and almost ready to proclaim to the world that HE IS THE ANSWER TO THEIR PROBLEMS, not Jesus, BUT HIM! This is going to be one of the darkest days upon this planet, friends, and it can also be one of the brightest, depending on who you serve. If you are left behind after the rapture of the Bride of Christ, and you are able to see these events unfolding, understand that you are at the last few seconds of the Church Era and Jesus Christ’s return is moments away! He is not going to stand for anyone mocking Him in this way and He will personally come down from His Throne of Glory and orchestrate the greatest showstopper this world has ever seen!

Having said all of that, now I ask you again, “Are you ready?” Are you ready to meet the King of Glory! He is just around the corner and no matter what the New World Order is planning on throwing at you, Jesus has an order too! He wants us to speak of His order in these last days. We must continue to be the counter-culture and we must continue to take a stand. We are here for a reason and it is not to shirk back in our faith or evangelism. Take a stand for Jesus today. Invite Him into your heart before it is too late.

Sister Gwendolen Song

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