September 12,  2021
Lloyd Acree

Dream: I am waiting to go and carpool with a family across the street; we will go together to a church on the main highway in town. This is steeply uphill and we will use the path rather than the road. This path is like an ancient paved walkway with stairs that jut into the side of the hill. It can be used like a road to reach the homes but the stairs make it seemingly impossible to drive a car on.

So I go to the house across the cul de sac from mine. The mother and father are distracted, especially the father. I observe that we are going to be late! And so I say, “why don’t I just take the daughter and drive now separately!” She is only about 6 years old. So I leave the parents behind and take the daughter myself! We get into a minivan and I drive this van not out the usual way but up the staired ancient stone walkway.

As we get to the highest altitudes on the side of this hill (I am driving up a 90 degree switchback direction, not beeline) we get to a serious obstacle, like in addition to these thin stairs there are now potted plants or something like that in the way. What I see in the dream is that this obstacle pertains to the word order of a particular Scripture! Such that if the verse is not quoted whole, and is rearranged from the rest of the surrounding verses, it will NOT retain the intact (canon) (approved) meaning!!! The intact choice was singular and absolutely clear in this dream: only King James!

If I did not use King James here, the dream showed me that breaking the quote such as for a one-verse citation would harm the word combinations and intent of the passage! So the main concern here was whole-sentence integrity.

The meaning of the “daughter” then is very clear to me. The church has an assignment to respect this project, but is not paying attention! Wake up pastors! Wake up teachers! Wake up apostles! You have a job to do, so use the best quality product and stop settling for aftermarket trends!

I.e. the daughter represents care taken for Scriptural integrity! Unless you are translating direct New and Old Testament parent documents, you must use King James as the basis for English standard Canon!

Church we must pay attention to what God is saying about His Word! Too many Christians have gone to sleep on this issue and allowed people to take license with His Word.

Do not molest the meaning of Scripture by re-arranging and re-casting its established meaning in your own sentence structures. When you do that, you MUST annotate that you are paraphrasing Scripture and that what you have written is NOTHING but your own thoughts.

Do not pervert, rearrange, twist, or rewrite anything. Keep the established word order. The Bible does not physically defend itself from molestation and reprinting, obviously. The fact that there are so many versions should show us: The Bible is being Changed! Obviously that is not acceptable canon! The Word of God is not a canvas to paint on, it is a letter to be preserved perfectly. Not one jot or tittle can pass away, so why are “Christians” marketing the erasure and disjointing of Scripture? Why? Why would that ever be necessary? Check every English version for word order and meaning comparison to the King James. If there are missing phrases or words transplanted from one verse to another, do not quote it for any teaching purpose.


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