Dream of public figure and “prophet” Mark Taylor’s Social Media Page – Immanuel Acree

Dream of public figure and “prophet” Mark Taylor’s Social Media Page

Jan 7, 2020
Immanuel Acree

This dream came by itself before I awoke this morning around 3AM. There was nothing before it and no other context than what I am about to share:

The dream began with my finding Mark Taylor’s facebook page. I am looking at his page. At first I see his picture: he is on the left by himself in a posed profile photo, arms smugly crossed in front of his chest open-palm holding his shoulder, with a small team of what looked like female backup singers in another picture to the right but I did not look directly at them. Mark Taylor did not look like the real photos that I’ve seen of him with his lightbrown 70’s style hair and mustache, no in this photo he had a much sleeker modern look and I think his hair and mustache were black, shiny from hair products. He looked like he was wearing a metal music band costume but mostly like that of a biker gang. He was wearing a black leather vest with a bunch of decoration on it, and other similar items. Along with his leather vest, it appeared that there was metal decoration attached to everything he was wearing, except a simple shirt (maybe sleeveless) he may have had on underneath, which I think was a Dark Blood Red. He was wearing some kind of cuff-bracelets made of leather with stainless metallic banding around them. He had on fingerless leather driving gloves. His arms were exposed and had many tattoos all over them, but I did not see exactly what they said—with one exception. That was later in the dream so I will come back to the tattoo.

After examining his photo and outfit, I scrolled down to see a phone number posted. I don’t know why this number was available. It was the largest font on the whole page, centered, without the usual USA area code:

666 – 6666

Toward the end of this dream I was waking up and I thought “wow I need to glean whatever details I can get from this dream” so I am not 100% on the last part but this is what happened. I was searching as if using a robotic arm to look with a camera. On my right, his left arm, somewhere, I seemed to zoom up to see this tattoo:

0 – 36
0 – 34 M
0 – M M M
M – M M M
[…] [?]

The M’s represent blurry out-of-focus numbers that I couldn’t see. I am not even totally certain of the 36 or 34 but the format with the 0’s at the beginning I am certain of. This arrangement reminds me of numbers scrawled on a cashier receipt.

End of the Dream.

Attached image from Biblenumbersforlife.com

Background: Mark Taylor has a website about his ‘prophecies’ on a future of perfect economic and political victory as Donald Trump will supposedly save the world from corruption and become a Christian hero. This dream exposes the truth however that these are the imaginations of worldly religion and have nothing to do with God’s Spirit. Pray the Lord will intervene and lead all who have been affected by these and similar false prophecies back to repentance.

God bless


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  1. Jennifer E Darnell

    I’ve always known that guy is a false prophet. Hope everyone following him wakes up.

  2. Maria PIlar Boylen

    Wow, praise God, I just repented from ever listening and believing his “so called prophecies”, I stopped following him after his prophecies didn’t match…he kept making excuses about why they didn’t come to pass…my hubby also told me…thank you for this wonderful clarification from GOD…God bless you…

  3. Franklin Revels

    Need to Pray about this. Many mean well but not of God’s Truth or Holy Spirit.
    I and all of of us need to Repent of Sin. Live the life Jesus made us for lead by Him.
    The problem for me is I need God’s Help to understand any thing and Need Jesus and Spirit to be ALL for me in my own walk in,with, by,for,any thing about Jesus and it so easy to get off the road of the Lord if myself not have God’s Fullness of Grace in my own life. I want Jesus. Must have Jesus. Jesus is my All and He is All for us, on our behalf as we need His covering of “Jesus” Himself and Clean by His Blood as He is the only Redeemer . Period.
    Pray about all things, and Read the Word, The Bible many suffered to get this Word to your hands and Trust The Faithful One ” The Holy One of God” Jesus who suffered for everyone so they who by Faith and Grace come to Jesus Be Saved and Become Children of God Being with Him Forever.
    Love God with our All, and Love Everyone with our All. Pray for God’s Heart to hold all of us. Be Praying for a “Repent of Sin Spirit” for all of us, our Church’s , USA, and the whole World.
    Jesus is Lord, King, Savior, Friend and Best of All, Our HERO.

    We are sinners save by the Blood of The Lamb of God. He even forgave them as they was beating Nails into Him. Jesus our hero, love and joy to be with and being with Jesus is to be with The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They are ” ONE” Spirit and ONE Person. We will see and understand with we soon be with God. Love you all and all of you be LOVED. God Loves you and has your name wrote on His hands. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO.

    You Are LOVED.

  4. Elizabeth

    Amen. I never felt good about his prophecies.

  5. Marc

    This is unfortunately true, to what I’ve felt within my gut reaction to his presentation of facts??
    Amen Christ Jesus.

  6. Jon Bauman

    Just like Matthew 24 warned us 3 times in one Chapter to watch out for deception in the last days and as we see it is extremely prevalent currently…You will know them by their fruits and we need great discernment

  7. Eyes Open

    Even the very elect would be deceived if possible

  8. MizzRoxie

    I don’t mean any harm, but my gifting is discernment.

    So, let’s start in our own “house” with calling out false prophets. There are many “words” I see on here that are not right, and many actually go against true prophets with proven prophecies that have come to pass.

    It is obvious reading some of these “words” that the writer has a bias towards the President (for example). Some say he won’t be reelected. Some say he will. Some say he’s for God, others say he’s not, etc. So, somebody has to be wrong. If someone is wrong, then they’ve given a wrong word, which makes them a false prophet.

    Another weird trend I’ve noticed on here is that someone will post a word, and then all of a sudden, there are multiple “words” on that topic, and some of them differ from the original word. Also, people flock to this one person and quote them and their “words”. However, I can’t even get past the first few minutes of a video of theirs, and the spirit behind it.

    Let’s educate ourselves, so we quit being such a laughingstock. You know, the whole my people perish for a lack of knowledge thing. So, can we educate ourselves on Mystery Babylon. It’s not America. That is incorrect. God is a God of order and completion. It started in the Middle East and it will end there. Will America fall? Yes she will, but she is not Mystery Babylon. Do you realize/understand that the Middle East is set to surpass the U.S. in retail sales within the next year or two? They’re not going to the local big box store buying groceries (which counts in retail sales in America). They’re buying high end luxury goods, and the oil rich people (which are a lot) are spending an average of 2,500 USD EVERY DAY shopping. Now, the world drank her wine. That would be oil folks. More has been done for oil (more wars, etc.) than anything else in the world. Without oil, you can’t transport goods, people can’t get to work, or shop, etc. Without oil, you can’t have lubricants for machines that make items, or petroleum byproducts for shopping bags, etc. He who controls the oil controls the world, and gas prices are controlled by those that own the oil. Inflated supply and demand, or other means of market manipulation. The world makes deals to get these oil countries “in the bed” with them, so to speak.

    All the words say soon, soon, soon. Very seldom have I seen “this year or this day it will happen”. Soon is so vague, and God is not vague. People say, “we don’t date set”, why not? It seems to me that if God is going to give detailed words, then he’d give a timeline of some sort. Remember, God of order and completion.

    A lot of “words” posted on here are nothing more than vivid imaginations. So, let’s start cleaning in our own house.

    I’m sure people will disagree with me, and that is fine. I have been discerning these things for a while now, and it is time to speak out.

  9. Melinda

    Tips on if a message is from The Father:

    1) Does the word/vision line up with The Word?
    2) Does the message ultimately bring someone back to The Lord from warnings etc….
    3) Does The messenger bring the focus to himself or to The Father? Who is getting the glory?
    4) Does the messenger/message lead you to trust in a man or the King?

    We serve a risen King…He deserves ALL THE GLORY HONOR & PRAISE…

    Obviously Jesus knew that this would be a problem…He mentioned it right along with wars, and earthquakes…He emphasized it!!! There are many good speakers who are serving up messages of peace and prosperity…bringing much confusion to The Body…They rebuke the doom and gloom messages they call it…Many elevate men as saviors…The Word I read there is only 1 savior and He is going to fix this mess…not any man. Lord help us not to be deceived by any person that you have not called to speak for you…and please bless those that do dilligently seek you and have been chosen to help as messengers in this late hour. Also help us to walk in YOUR PERFECT LOVE and correct your children who do harm to others by careless words and actions….Thank you Lord for your patience and mercy…

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