Dream of public figure and “prophet” Mark Taylor’s Social Media Page – Immanuel Acree

Dream of public figure and “prophet” Mark Taylor’s Social Media Page

Jan 7, 2020
Immanuel Acree

This dream came by itself before I awoke this morning around 3AM. There was nothing before it and no other context than what I am about to share:

The dream began with my finding Mark Taylor’s facebook page. I am looking at his page. At first I see his picture: he is on the left by himself in a posed profile photo, arms smugly crossed in front of his chest open-palm holding his shoulder, with a small team of what looked like female backup singers in another picture to the right but I did not look directly at them. Mark Taylor did not look like the real photos that I’ve seen of him with his lightbrown 70’s style hair and mustache, no in this photo he had a much sleeker modern look and I think his hair and mustache were black, shiny from hair products. He looked like he was wearing a metal music band costume but mostly like that of a biker gang. He was wearing a black leather vest with a bunch of decoration on it, and other similar items. Along with his leather vest, it appeared that there was metal decoration attached to everything he was wearing, except a simple shirt (maybe sleeveless) he may have had on underneath, which I think was a Dark Blood Red. He was wearing some kind of cuff-bracelets made of leather with stainless metallic banding around them. He had on fingerless leather driving gloves. His arms were exposed and had many tattoos all over them, but I did not see exactly what they said—with one exception. That was later in the dream so I will come back to the tattoo.

After examining his photo and outfit, I scrolled down to see a phone number posted. I don’t know why this number was available. It was the largest font on the whole page, centered, without the usual USA area code:

666 – 6666

Toward the end of this dream I was waking up and I thought “wow I need to glean whatever details I can get from this dream” so I am not 100% on the last part but this is what happened. I was searching as if using a robotic arm to look with a camera. On my right, his left arm, somewhere, I seemed to zoom up to see this tattoo:

0 – 36
0 – 34 M
0 – M M M
M – M M M
[…] [?]

The M’s represent blurry out-of-focus numbers that I couldn’t see. I am not even totally certain of the 36 or 34 but the format with the 0’s at the beginning I am certain of. This arrangement reminds me of numbers scrawled on a cashier receipt.

End of the Dream.

Attached image from Biblenumbersforlife.com

Background: Mark Taylor has a website about his ‘prophecies’ on a future of perfect economic and political victory as Donald Trump will supposedly save the world from corruption and become a Christian hero. This dream exposes the truth however that these are the imaginations of worldly religion and have nothing to do with God’s Spirit. Pray the Lord will intervene and lead all who have been affected by these and similar false prophecies back to repentance.

God bless


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