Destruction, Dream, Prophecy


By Marty Breeden

If you choose to read this dream, I had this LAST NIGHT (3-11-18) at all…..please read it until the end!!

The dream I had last night will be difficult to share. One because it was so traumatic to have seen and been involved in….and two, the symbolism, meanings are hard to capture. So as always I will share what I saw and leave the timing and interpretation up to God.


It was almost as though in both the natural and in the Spirit, we were being WARNED. The people KNEW, they had been WARNED….I knew I had been WARNED.
I had been WARNED by God and had warned many others as instructed by God.

It was almost like we were being foretold of that which was coming as we looked at the map. There was not a single state that was not affected by these approaching storms.
From the West Coast to the East Coast to the Midlands ,EVERYONE would see devastation.
Even now I can see the map. I can see the swirling colors gathering.
What’s odd is that, normally, as the Meteorologist would show on the radar that which was coming and use different colors symbolizing severity…..they LITERALLY RAN OUT OF COLORS to be able to accurately describe that which would HIT!!!!!

I can hear even now, as they foretold and trying to tell the people to “Oh please my God prepare and know that EVEN your preparation may not save you!”

(Now admittedly here’s the part I don’t understand, but will report what I saw and heard!)
They said there were 6 storms coming. These storms had each been given names. This time they were given names of animals and birds,as to how each would affect the land and the people.

We were told that the first storm would be as a bird, that it would peck away at everything, and shake things mightily, but would also be used to deliver the message as in days of old…..
(I cannot recall the 2nd storms name)

They told us that we would experience the end of all things when the WOLF came, and it was the 3rd Storm.

They showed us on the map. Through tears and stuttering and hanging their heads, they told us to prepare!!!!
One of the last things they said before they went off air was….”We really have nothing to compare this to, …..must get ready because you have never seen anything like this BEFORE!”

Storm #1……It hit with a magnitude that no one expected!
I remember that I could not gather myself enough to discern if this was natural or man made because it literally seemed to be BOTH simultaneously!!!!

The winds, the rain, the wreckage, everything……..i recall watching the large trees bending under the weight of the wind and seeing the waters rising on the coast and seeing the heartland POUNDED by a mighty force.
The next morning ….just as it was named it had pecked and shaken everything and word had indeed traveled across country at the devastation that had occurred.
Now……it was time to move on to the next storm warning. (This is where it gets tough!)
Again we looked at the map and literally we ALL GASPED as we saw the size and scope of what was coming KNOWING the magnitude of the first.
This time, all they would say was,…. “We really don’t know what to say or how to warn, just prepare as best you can!”

The next day….IT HIT!!!!
During the daylight hours it came.
It was really odd for you could see the storm clouds gathering and you could literally hear it coming.
I remember seeing the looks of fear and dread on peoples faces. Some people prayed, others checked their supplies.
For one of the first times ever though, it seemed as though now everyone was taking the warnings to heart and there was little to no mockery…..the first storm had taken care of all that.

The power by which this storm hit is truly unexplainable! Every foundation was shaken, every room of every house had been MOVED!
I saw Naval Destroyers literally CAPSIZED on dry ground far from the coast from where they had come!!!
I saw death and destruction in unprecedented ways. There was not a single family, business or church that had not been affected and devastated.
I recall back now that while it was happening, that I expected to be swept away any second…..i expected to be.
standing before my Lord any moment.
The cries of pain and heartache was nothing I want to hear again.

Again, the wind, the rain, the SHAKING, the sounds of explosions and waters rising and ground splitting and seeing ocean waters flowing through rivers……

I recall after storm #2 had hit thinking, now I know why Jesus said those days must be cut short for if they were not, no flesh would be saved!!

I remember thinking ;
“My God, this is only storm 2 of 6…..all of humanity and all the earth will be WIPED OUT and the earth disintegrate beneath our feet!!!!”
Even those most prepared among us, MANY of them perished for there appeared in most cases to be no escape.

There were Godly among us who had been taken……along with many of those who were not believers.
I noticed though, even as I surveyed the landscape the following day… I could not believe the devastation and damage ..EVERYTHING had indeed been shaken JUST AS foretold by Christ!!

The one thing I saw that surprised me was that now, it seemed there was very few if any who did not believe.
Everyone was broken in a way unforeseen . A level of brokenness I had never witnessed….EVER!

Amidst the tragedy and devastation and carnage there arose a brokenness among the people…..for they knew that it was only a matter of time.
It was then that we gathered to hear the next forecast….we were all so tired and so weary, but there was a deep work going in in the heart of man…God was at Work!

This would be the “WOLF” coming this time.
As the forecaster took the stage he was VISIBLY SHAKEN! …..but not in despondency this time….something was different.
He stood before the camera, gathered himself as best he could and I heard Him say these words…..”The people are REPENTING!”…..”THE PEOPLE ARE REPENTING!”
He then said…..”And it’s because of this repentance that…. Well, look at these storms NOW!!…..Yes, they are still coming but they have been dramatically weakened and will not cause the devastation we had originally anticipated!!”

This reporter wept on national television
….I recall myself and all those around me weeping and praising God!!!
Me being me….my mind went immediately to “Ok, it’s time NOW to gather the harvest!!!!…….
The fields are white unto harvest…let us go forth now and bring them IN!! …


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