DREAM of Literal Body of CHRIST – Judy Reynolds

DREAM of Literal Body of CHRIST

Dec 9, 2019 12:08 AM
Judy Reynolds


11-2-18, In the night before 6 am.

Hello, this dream was given to me last year, and I was told by our Lord to release it now.

Thank you, and God bless you,
Judy Reynolds


This dream was so real and powerful.
Interpretation is welcome.

In this dream, a woman was with a group of people which included me and she was reassuring us (all of us were true and devoted to Jesus Christ) that though we saw literal signs on the wall where we were staying, that the Body of JESUS though dead, having been crucified, would be coming; sliding down the high hill right beside our building where we were. Horrific signs were on the wall in black and green letters and signs revealing that “they” were coming and we were already aware that they were coming, but now we knew that our redemption draweth VERY Nigh! We all understood that those that opposed Christ, were coming for us and this would be the last place we would be hiding now, but and soon to be found out and killed for our faith.

In my dream, this woman, very strong in faith spoke to us and told us that though Jesus body was dead, HE would be very near us and comfort us in our hour of need. This thought was not sick or grotesque in any way to us, it was beautiful and kind in the way it was in my dream.

We knew that we would RISE to be with our RISEN Savior and LORD. There was no aweful thought of His body, only love like that of a loved ones here who have gone, but SOOO much incredible meaning behind it. We also knew that those around us, all believers would also have this comfort; that JESUS Body would slide down to them too, from a high hill and would meet them, and they could at least touch him though His body was not yet ressurected yet we knew HE was ALIVE in Heaven waiting for us, and He felt our suffering.

This was a very strange dream, and I did not put this out until the Lord told me too do it this week.

Here are some scriptures that were given to me for this dream.

James 5:9-12, IChronicles 16:11, Revelation 1:5-9, 19:4


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