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Dream of Israel being divided – John A. Howell

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Dream of Israel being divided

October 3, 2022 9:50 PM
John A. Howell

This is a dream that I had on Sunday night October 2nd and the morning Monday October 3rd. I supposed midnight is technically when the day changes, so this dream really took place on Monday October 3rd just after the “day” started at midnight.

After going to bed on Sunday, October 3rd, precisely at midnight I am awakened by my dog barking. When I looked at the time on my phone it was exactly midnight.

I finally fall back asleep. The dream is that I am at some elaborate office and people are in a conference room which I really wasn’t even aware of or existing, even though I’m somehow in charge of the conference rooms. It was in an elaborate ornate room, I was not allowed to go into the conference room, but I could see through the crack between the two large wooden doors. I see some people in the conference room, with a woman facing away from the door near the outer wall as if reading documents on a wooden table. I could see two others in the conference room, each likewise facing the outer walls as if reading and writing on a tablet of some sort or actual documents – I could not tell for sure.

The dream then transitions to a large outside area, as if a giant courtyard the size of at least one or possibly two football fields. When I enter this courtyard area there are a fair number of people standing around talking and watching groups that were further away in the courtyard; the groups were separated by some distance so that they could see each other but not talk from group to group without having to shout. Some of the people watching seem like they are familiar people that I should know, but I can’t recognize them. For some reason I am sent over to the far corner from where I entered the courtyard, as if I’m being summoned to get information. When I arrive at the far side of the courtyard and enter the group’s area, there is an older lady that arises to meet me, and she shows me a plant. I learn from talking to her that they are trying to settle upon an agreement, and apparently this plant is what all the groups are there for, and that this plant is this woman’s inheritance and was worth an absolute sizeable fortune. I realize after she shows me the plant that it was a fig branch with three leaves planted in a container pot. She is trying to describe to me where to cut the fig branch and I’m taking pictures of it with my phone so that I can go back to explain to the others where to cut it. She also seemed to have a picture of her family with her, and the photo included her, her brother, and her father; seemed to be her and her brother; I don’t recall seeing their mother in the photo. The brother seemed to be somehow incapacitated or suppressed such that he really didn’t have any real input into the decision on where to cut the fig tree plant and was going to be satisfied with the portion that he would receive as determined by this lady. As I looked at the photo of her family suddenly the photo started changing/alternating back and forth to another photo – and this other photo showed what appeared to be three American military personnel from my grandfather’s generation (the generation that fought WW2), and in fact one of the people in this photo seemed to be my grandfather and my grandmother. My grandfather was in the US Army and fought in WW2, however my grandmother did not serve but was for some reason wearing a military uniform.

I understood in the dream from talking with her that they had been negotiating in earnest for two days. I made the comment that they have been arguing over this for that long with all the lawyers and how expensive it must be. She looked back as if the costs of all the negotiating are inconsequential. While talking to her I pull out a strange electronic tablet type device (not really an iPad but something similar but of a different technology) that had pictures that kept coming on the right-hand side of the tablet. I see the picture that I mentioned earlier that seemed to represent my grandparents in military uniforms from the WW2 era. The picture then keeps alternating off and going to another picture that looks like me and my family when I was a young child from the late 1970s or early 1980s but was very surreal and had vivid color. So, my tablet was showing these two different pictures while at the same time her photo was alternating between her family (the lady, her brother, and her father) and same photo of the three American military personnel that included my grandfather in a WW2 army outfit.

After I finished taking pictures of the plant and watching the photo that she shared ( which again was still transitioning back and forth with the photo of the three American military personnel), I asked the lady if she spoke for her brother when determining where to cut the fig tree plant. She really didn’t answer the question, but simply pointed and stated that he was “over there”, pointing to another group of the negotiating parties. This lady seemed to have the final decision on where to cut the fig tree plant and she stated again that it was her inheritance and that she was tired of negotiating and was going to go ahead and cut the fig tree plant. I realized at this point that she was lady that had been in the center of the conference room from the beginning of the dream. Once the fig tree was cut, she would keep a portion and her brother would get the other portion. I never saw her brother anywhere and seemed to somehow understand the brother was not really very important, but that this lady was important. I then departed from the group and walked back to where I had entered the courtyard to tell everyone of the decision that the lady had made and to show them the picture on where to cut the fig tree plant. End of dream and I immediately wake up.

After waking up, I immediately get out of bed and go into our bathroom to get a drink from the water faucet and to contemplate the dream, because I knew it was important. After thinking about it for a moment, I remembered that I had not looked at the time that I had awoken from the dream and I asked the Lord, what time is it? At that very second, the lights in the bathroom turn off (the bathroom lights are those Philips Hue lights and we dim them very low when going to bed, but they are on a timer, and they turn off at 1:00 AM each night). So, I thanked the Lord for answering my question, and I was very excited when the lights went out and rejoiced at the Lord’s response to my question. I noted that the dream had ended approximately one minute earlier, making the dream’s ending at 12:59 AM – exactly 59 minutes after I was earlier awakened by my dog barking.

I didn’t quite understand why I was at this event or the one sent to hear and to receive the lady’s final determination to cut the fig tree plant and exactly/precisely where to cut it. I was unrelated to the parties; I was a “neutral” party but was amicable to the lady and it was evident that she liked me (non-romantically) and was willing to talk with me and even expected me to be there, and that she was waiting to give me her final decision and instructions.

The Holy Spirit was specific to then speak to me that the timing of the dream being just less than one hour was important. He showed me that the meaning of my dog barking was a warning that this event was announced and was going to happen, and that the event was then going to be completed in less than one hour and was going to take effect quickly.

The Holy Spirit also told me as part of the interpretation that as an American that I am the one sent to help broker the deal with the fig tree branch and where it’s going to be cut. The Lord tells me that my grandfather’s generation “created” Israel (and we know that the Lord directs the steps of men). The Lord tells me the fig branch is Israel and that the land will be divided.

John A. Howell

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