DREAM of Horse and TESTS – Judy Reynolds

DREAM of Horse and TESTS

Nov 30. 2019 11:57 PM
Judy Reynolds

Given to me 3/3 of ’19

The Lord told me before lying down
He was going to give me a dream.
Judy Reynolds

This was a very unusual dream in that I remembered so clearly all of the details. Much meaning in this dream, I do not have the gift of interpreting dreams so anyone is welcome to help with that part if The Lord leads you to. Here is the dream:

In my dream, this was the clear parts and points,
We were in an important testing event, another and I went before the other testers to clear the way
and get valuable items we would need during the testing event.

A woman was our Judge, she was kind and Just, no favortism, very approachable as she had been our trainer too.

#8, The rule, the point of test we previewed and I thought “Oh no, I can’t do that, I have never worked
with horses!”

The check as was shown to me on paper, the check $, for passing the test, was to be given on the 22nd,
and I was so happy because i could still have time to buy gifts for others before the Holiday.

She showed it to me exactly on paper we were to get our reward later, but now we would be getting it sooner.

I remember the lady who I knew pretty well, but not like a really good friend, she and I went through what looked like a garden gate to go and clear the path, this part of dream didn’t last long though the clearing may have lasted long.

She and I looked over the papers given to us, the order of events in the testing, the testing would be very engaging for the mind and the body; we had to be alert and keen, pinpointing accuracy ahead of time for all of the tests though some were harder. I do not remember what number the test would end at, I believe it was more than 10 and less than 20.

I had a chance to ask our trainer ahead of time about #8, because I was very concerned as we had to deal with horses, one on one, each of us/ and the simpler ones were ok, but #8 was that we had to use our heel, and kick it precisely above the nose, before the forehead. i told the trainer that I had barely ever ridden a horse and that this would be nearly impossible, that the horse would let me get this close. (The move would be quick, precise and full force.)

This move would accomplish something, though the horse would not be hurt, yet put in it’s place, if we hit it on the exact mark a change would take place, a needed change. weird.

The lady partner I had went down the hall, into a school and out the door to another door, the outside door.

We checked everything and then when we came back in; we did not know if the door was locked or not and we weren’t worried either way though we knew that a class was outside coming in (thought of THE door the Father will shut at HIS appointed time to do so.)

*I did not dream of the actual testing yet everything was in place and we even knew our reward would be coming and when.

As we passed from one test to the other we each had a long, purple balloon-looking container to keep our important items in after each part of test. We, the lady and I counted them ahead so there would be enough for everyone.

The purple containers were growing, like wild flowers on th side of meadow or road. All was in place, at least 1/2 of these tests involved an horse. Leading was me, the kick of accuracy above the head was one. All of the other tests were all done outside, in the wide, open area. It was sunny it looked like, not cold, the elements weren’t bad yet the tests were hard.

I do know that the Lord showed me that the horse does in part, represent our flesh. This makes much sense.

Scripture for this dream is I Corinthians 13:12.

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