Dream of Fleeing – JD


Dream of Fleeing

May 30, 2022 9:33 AM

This morning, May 30, had a brief dream where I was part of a small group of men, women and children. From my perspective it looked like we were passing through a Vegetable market like what you find in other parts of the world like in Asia and Africa. It was night time and we were moving quickly and as quietly as possible. There was a sense of fear and the desperation to escape from something. I understood it without it being communicated to me we were a group of Christians that had barely escaped with our lives.

Some had backpacks while others had just the clothes on their backs. It seemed like a riot or something had taken place at the market we were passing through. There were things on the ground. As we passed through the market, we picked up things we noticed on the ground which might help later like candles. Even though there were very young children in the group, even they understood somehow the danger and were very quiet, not making any noise at all. Dream ended.

I have been feeling a sense of imminent danger and that it is getting closer by the day, for all Christians everywhere. May we be firmly be grounded in Christ now so we can endure the things about to take place. Only by His strength will we be able to endure to the end.


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