Marty Breeden


In the early morning hours of January 29, 2019….I had this Dream:

I found myself deep deep in the belly of a HUGE BATTLESHIP!
Everyone was working feverishly and making their last minute preps.

All around me I saw people who were tired and weary and exhausted….YET, they all had smiles on their faces as they worked.
I knew I was to be doing something but I could jot seem to find my station.
I ran throughout the ship looking.
I knew all the people on this vessel were Christians.
Finally I made my way to the top deck and I walked outside.

I could not believe my eyes!!
As far as the eye could see there were dozens and dozens maybe hundreds of ships !!!!
Many of them were different sizes but they were all preparing!
It was night outside and very dark.
Even then I could see what appeared to be orange explosions in the offing.
I knew I needed to get back in that ship!

I ran back inside and finally asked a kind young man….”Excuse me Sir, can you tell me what’s happening?”

He said…”Yes, we are preparing for the FINAL BATTLE, we are getting those things done that we must get done before we leave!”
I said….“Well, I’m not sure where I belong, I don’t know where to go!”

He said…“Just take off walking and DO NOT STOP, until you find your station!”….then he chuckled and said….“You’ll know it when you get there!”

I took off running as fast as I could and I found a station where no one was working and there was obviously work there that needed to be done!!
I happily started working and there was SUCH a sense of excitement and URGENCY!!!…
We were all working and working and working….then suddenly, we all felt the Great Battleship behind to move toward its final destination….


I Awoke……

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  1. Jorge Fernandez

    Your dream is right. God is sealing the righteous as we speak. Those names in the Book of Life have been sealed. God told me there is only a short period before the Book is closed for good. Your works today may save a soul. Spread your love and hope people see God shining from your light.

    • Loveth Nwokeohuru

      That’s right, in 2012, my mom had a dream where she was told that the sealing of God’s children has begun, and it will continue until the last person is sealed. Then the book will be closed.
      Then she saw destruction coming upon those who weren’t sealed as they suffered from great troubles.

      Let me just add this, in 2016, I had a dream where I was told that we’re are living in the days of the sixth seal.

      Probation closes during the he sixth seal, and judgment upon the wicked begins in the seventh seal which is also he seven trumpets/ vial. This judgement will only fall on those who have the mark of the beast. That means those who have received the mark are doomed for eternal damnation. Rev 16:1

      We’re living in the last hour, soon probation will close and all our fates sealed.

      Now is the time to make our ways right with God and pray that he directs us to the job he has for us to do.

  2. Mindy

    Definitely something I’m praying about. I have no idea what I’m doing! I pray that God would show me my job/purpose and soon!

  3. Jay

    Perhaps the interpretation of your dream is from God. Enochs testimony was that he walked with God. He walked as Adam did in the cool of the day with his maker. Running our race with patience means that we shouldnt run as fast as we can, but only as the grace of God gives us strength to go on in his power, not ours. The belly of the whale or ship resembles Jonah praying for 3 days. Go back inside, for that is your ministry. Our ministry is to pray without ceasing so that the one who has risen from the grave can do the preaching unto the ninavites of this generation, the lost. In the same way, Looking for our purpose in the body of Christ without being planted in the Lord’s death would be as Jonah preaching but not wanting mercy but Judgment. Also in another similar fashion, when Peter was young he walked where he wanted to and dressed himself even refusing to eat unclean foods, judging the gentiles unclean, forgetting that the Lord Jesus didn’t wash his hands and declared all meat clean, but the aged Peter who grew in grace walked with Jesus faithfully on the water until his death on an upside down cross, not fearing the salvation of the gentiles any longer nor the grace of God given unto Paul who rebuked him in his hypocracy. The will and work of God we must do is work out of salvation with fear and trembling, being conformed in his death, if any means we might be raptured and resurrected. The last enemy is death, the last battle which no man can fight with carnal weapons but mighty, for Christ has abolished death and lead captivity captive on the cross. At the rapture when the building the Lord started without hands will be completed, as he is the first stone laid and the pinnacle of the temple completing his bride, Then the saying shall come to pass, death is swallowed up in victory. The veil shall be completely lifted from our hearts, for we know in part and prophesy in part. The Lord shall cut short the work in righteousness and his glory shall be seen on us literally. A city on a hill cannot be hid when the earth is covered in darkness. We ought to continue to shew the death of the Lord Jesus by partaking of his life bread, his Holy Word activated in our hearts by faith, till he comes, if we want to be apart og his body that rises to meet him in the air. The prince of this world is the power of the air, but shall be thrown down. We shall rule and reign on earth, as it is in heaven with Christ alone. We he appears in glory, we that have the first fruits of the Spirit and are dead in Christ, shall appear with him in glory, being known as he is known. The mystery of God should be completed and the mystery made known which before was not revealed unto his servants his Prophets but unto the Church. The least in the Kingdom of God is greater than the greatest Prophet John the Baptist and shall make known the manifold wisdom of God. Mouth of babes shall spring forth praise and righteousness and the days shall be shortened for the elects sake.

    • Jorge Fernandez

      August 2017 Satan and all evil was cast out of heaven and hurled to earth. 7 year tribulation began. Sept 2017 Yeshua arrived on Mt of Olives. He rested there in preparation for the rapture. Jan 2019, the Father requested Michael to deliver the Ark of the Covenant to the temple in heaven. Jan 2019, the Father opened the Book of Life and accounted the names. Feb 2019 the Father sealed all who were named in the Book of Life. Feb 11, 2019 the Father gave me instructions for the sealed. Get on your knees and lift your face to heaven, put your right hand over your left hand palms up and raise them to heaven. This will show him that you are sealed by him and not the beast. Then recite, “Father I am a great sinner and not worthy of your forgiveness, but you sent the Messiah Yeshua to take my sins away. Please forgive me as I sinned greatly and hold no judgement within me, for I forgave those who sinned against me. I am but a sheep and I pray to you Father that you receive me. I love you Father and I am forever grateful of your mercy. Thank You.” The Father urges compliance because all is in place and all is ready for his command. My name is Jorge. I am Angel Phanuel sent in the flesh as Enoch, and I came back to heaven when I completed my purpose. I was sent back to earth with one more purpose and that is the same purpose as Enoch. I’m protector of truth and urge repentance. I am a witness to the Father and will be here until the end. Evil struck me since I was in the womb, but death has no power over me, since I was sealed by the Father in heaven before I came down to earth. Have no fear, the Father has a plan and the righteous will be protected from harm. 2/3 will accend with the Messiah Yeshua. This will happen soon. The last 1/3 will remain behind with me and we will work diligently to gather the lost sheep and return them to the Messiah. More and more chosen have awakened. Prepare in spirit and live in FAITH. Our blessed Father is with us and he brought the Kingdom of Heaven with him. Go out and rejoice. Spread the word that salvation is near. I love you all and I pray to the Father that I’m with you all again in his heavenly kingdom. All praise and glory be to the Father and thanks given to his heavenly kingdom.

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