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Dream of Donald Trump and the Upcoming Election – Tim Price


Dream of Donald Trump and the Upcoming Election

July 14, 2020 11:12 PM
Tim Price

The dream talks about the importance of the upcoming election and the need to pray for the president re. 1 Tim. 2:1-2.

p.s I also now believe that when I saw ‘9:11’ in the second dream, God MAY have been saying that something ‘9:11-like’ could happen in September this year if the church doesn’t really pray/intercede. That would also align with Dana Coverstone’s revelations that September into October will see something very serious in the US.

Auto Generated Transcript
hey guys so in this video I’m gonna
share a dream that I had recently about
Donald Trump and the upcoming election
this season that we’re in right now is a
crucial season if you’re a student of
prophecy you’ve probably heard of Dana
Coverstone who had a series of dreams I
think he had three dreams recently where
he saw that the next few months I think
it was up till September October are
gonna be serious months in the US and we
know that if something serious happens
in the US then the rest of the world is
probably gonna the very least experience
the aftershocks of that or maybe worse
so this is a season where much hangs in
the balance 2 Timothy 3 says in the last
days perilous times will come and let’s
face it in the West these days
we have gotten used to a what I like to
call a white picket fence Christianity
and there’s been a real blessing to that
we’ve had let we’ve had peace with our
there hasn’t been persecuted of
Christians by and large and we have had
the blessings of Christ and that is such
a blessed awesome thing but the Bible
clearly says that in the last days
perilous times will come you think about
that word perilous and it means
dangerous and we are coming to a time
now where because of the sins of men and
even sins in the church that have been
unrepented of we are now in a perilous
time this brings me to the dream I had
recently of Donald Trump if you don’t
know me and I know Donald Trump is a is
a figure that divides people you’re
either for him or you’re on the up
you’re on the other side of the fence
and me personally I have not been a fan
of the man no I don’t
make this political some we’re gonna go
into this a lot but I haven’t been a fan
of his behavior a lot of his personal
history and yet we know that God loves
all men and the Bible says the Sun
shines on the righteous and the wicked
because God is gracious man he wants all
men to come to himself and Donald Trump
is no different but so I had this dream
in the context of someone that was not a
personal fan of him but after praying
about and asking God what is coming in
the u.s. what time are we in and what
are we as Christians need to pray for
and anyway so I had this dream I’m
keeping my in mind I’m not personal
therapy but as we know God is not
interested really in our opinions the
view of God is the important thing what
the almighty knows to be true is what we
hang on to and then we discard those
things that we see as wrong we discard
the things that he says are not
important so it’s in that context I see
NL in the dream a fairly short dream but
I think significant I was looking at a
sea of red Republican supporters of
Donald Trump and I was like a sea of
them and as I looked I was wondering
whether there was enough time to win the
next election whether Donald Trump and
the Republican Party with his voters
whether it was there was enough time
because obviously we know what has
happened recently we know the things
that have not made Donald Trump or his
presidency that popular so I was
wondering in the dream is there enough
time and in the dream I was thinking is
that a couple of months and so in the
dream as well as I was looking at the
supporters I went to sit down at the
and Donald Trump president was sitting
to my right and when I realized that I
turn to him and he turned to me and I
prayed for him and in the dream it was a
real serious somber moment he was Syria
and Samba and it was like the weight of
the moment we both realized was with
this was crucial in America and so I
prayed for him and he closed his eyes
and it was like he was he was praying
with me of accepting that prayer and
thankful for it and I know that because
when I first praying for him I hugged
him he hugged me and it’s like we both
knew the seriousness of the time you
know if anything he was in the dream
when I went away from him I was kind of
concerned about what people would think
of me just an extent because they know
if you’re on my social media you know I
haven’t been the biggest fan of Donald
Trump but I woke up and I realized look
the election is in November there’s more
than a couple of months to go and God is
revealing Donald Trump the president
needs prayer his presidency needs prayer
I believe from the dream my
interpretation is that God wants Donald
Trump to stay in for His purposes
you know if you look even at rulers in
the Old Testament some of them weren’t
the best of men and yet God still had
purposes that he wanted to do through
those men and no matter what you may
think Donald Trump is a great man and
that’s your right and and maybe you were
you know sometimes appearances are
deceiving but that aside God decides who
is going to be in power for his own
purposes and we know that in America
like a lot of the West there has been a
flood of wickedness that has come in gay
marriage LGBT laws our society is
starting to be rocked by lewdness by
crime by things that 10 years ago were
not a problem
and now even the church sometimes that
God loves and died for is being deceived
and is going the way of the world and
things like abortion and those kind of
things even the church is getting
confused about what the will of God is
and so the dream was very clear guys we
pray no matter your personal view set
that aside the Lord has said he needs
prayer I believe the dream was saying
yes there is enough time but his people
must pray we must pray for Donald Trump
to be in because not so much because of
the man but because God has purposes for
him to stand have a flag of
righteousness in the nation and Donald
Trump love him or hate him has stood for
Christian laws has called America to
turn to remember it’s it’s amazing godly
heritage and again stand by those things
and so yeah so guys this is a call to
pray for the president another dream
just quickly and before it I was asking
God God Lord where is America what state
is it in and in this dream I was
wondering what state America is in where
are we and whether it was salvageable or
whether it was too late for the US and I
saw a white pillar the kind of white
pillar you’d see at the US Capitol or
the White House and it was badly eaten
away it was like it was close to
collapse but it was still standing and
while still in the dream I saw a fire on
us all the time 9/11 and we know the
reference to 9/11
speaks about what happened in 2001 with
the terrorist attacks but the message
was clear
America is in an emergency state you
call 911 when you’re in trouble when
you’re near death’s door America is near
death’s door guys don’t look at
appearances it is badly eating away the
morality that is so indicative even here
in Australia and other nations we are
being eaten away and all the political
policies and all the
policies in the world is not going to
and all the military might the one less
in the Old Testament tells us anything
if it does and it does teach as many
lessons is that horses are a vain hope
the scripture says in a day of battle
you cannot trust the money as the
fortresses it doesn’t matter how strong
America looks on the outside it is in an
emergency state and if we do not pray if
we do not turn from our wicked ways then
God will allow judgment if you don’t
believe that look in the New Testament
just quickly look at the examples of
Ananias and Sapphira two people God
loved they fell under the judgment of
God okay America is an emergency state
and we need to pray for her God loves
America God loves all the Christians in
America does God does not want to bring
any destruction any judgment but he will
if we go too far because otherwise we
will turn into Sodom and Gomorrah okay
and there’s only one fate that’s fit for
Sodom and Gomorrah and that’s
destruction lest they corrupt the whole
world unless mankind destroy itself and
so guys America isn’t an emergency state
pray for the US and remember guys that
if we don’t take this time seriously now
I believe these next few months to wrap
up are going to be decisive for the u.s.
it’s reaching a turning point now where
if things don’t change it is gonna and
nothing’s gonna be able to save it
except the Lord Almighty so guys bless
you pray for this presidency whatever
your personal views are realize America
is an emergency state and now is the
time to intercede now is the time to
turn from our wicked ways to cleanse our
hearts cleanse our hands seek
forgiveness with others obey the word of
God it’s no good hearing the Word of God
and not obeying it we need to hear it we
need to know it and we need to obey it
and we need to trust in the grace of
Christ God will be with his people in
the days ahead no matter what happens
but draw near to God and He will draw
near to you he would rip drawing it to
us all have sinned and fallen short of
the glory of God and yet it justified
freely by His grace this is not
condemnation God speaks Grace and peace
to his people but we need to be found in
the Ark of Christ even as he is grafted
us into the vine of Christ so bless you
guys pray for America hopeful things
believe all things but let’s have our
minds girded let’s be focused and
serious in this time god bless


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