Dream of deception and being seduced – Mary H

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Dream of deception and being seduced

October 23, 2023 7:02 PM
Mary H

Last week I had a dream. I was in a house or a building of some kind and there was a large gathering of people, maybe a party of some kind. I was there with someone, someone who I seemed to be faithful to, such as a husband. He was off at a short distance, keeping an eye on me, but giving me the freedom to do what I wanted. Then my attention was drawn to another man who started a conversation with me. He was giving me compliments and was very charismatic with his speech and his demeanor. He was drawing me away from the one I was with, trying to seduce me. I was very drawn to this man as if under his spell. I felt bad for abandoning the one I had come with, but this man made me feel as if it was all okay. That he would take care of me and give me everything that I wanted. He was handsome and was drawing me in with his charm.

The dream ended, and the next day when I was thinking about the meaning of this dream, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that it was Jesus that I was there with, and Satan was trying to charm me and steal me away from Him.

Beware of the enemy.

Mary H


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