Dream of BGates, MIC, hidden demonic entities stole my soul – Moriah


Anti-Bill Gates Mural in Melbourne, Australia
The mural was signed by @Lushsuk, an anonymous resistance artist.

Dream of BGates, MIC, hidden demonic entities stole my soul.

October 15, 2020 10:59 AM

In June 2018, I had a very disturbing dream which I have prayed over for two years, even now it bothers. I considered posting a few times but it just seemed to make no sense. There were two of me, I can only determine one was my spiritual citizen of Heaven, and the other was the natural me of the earth.

In my dream, my natural man was quite unwell but holding my own, I was attached to an IV. I had been flown for some reason to a military lab facility out in the desert mountains of America, where a giant hanger was carved into the side of a mountain. From my hospital bed, I could see I was the only patient in the hanger, I also could see out over the desert and into a secretive lab behind the wall where an attendant was working.

My spirit man then arrived with Yeshua and I felt compassion on my natural man, lying in the bed. Christ and I just stood and watched. At this point, a helicopter arrived and in came BGates, he stopped momentarily to look at me and said “hello, how are you today?” I answered cheerfully that I felt okay. He then went into the lab and asked the lab attendant “how is the patient doing?” The attendant smirked and he said “not too well after what I just did.”

At that point, my spirit man could see that my natural man was quickly getting worse with pain and unease. My spirit man went and sat on the bedside with my suffering body, we held hands, and I began to sing a song to comfort my human self when Gates came in. He had a syringe, he was visibly upset with the researcher behind the wall, and said “this will make you feel better.” I didn’t feel he was intending to kill me, but he trusted his method to “cure me.” Very quickly, whatever he put into the IV of my natural man caused my peaceful spirit man to be sucked out of Jesus’ presence and into my human body… Through the eyes! It was like we were being fused together, at the point of our eyes and my spirit man was swooshing through a tunnel in the corneas of my natural man, only to become trapped in my sick flesh. This lucid dream was so traumatic I woke up terrified.

This was such an offensive and absurd dream when I had it, and still is in light of recent events, but now it’s beginning to be understood.

Please pray to Glorious YHUH for the protection of the children of Israel, Christ’s lost sheep, the ingrafted branches… and the figs. In Christ our King, I pray with you.



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