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Dream of 5 Year Old: Big, Big, Big Falling Star make big hole in NORTH AMERICA – Medan V

Medan V

I have my third child 5years old daughter who have been dreaming recently about heaven. She calls it “JESUS HOME”. For 5 nights straight she’s been dreaming of Jesus home and ABBA’S place. Just before she sleeps tonight, she told me her dream last night. She make it clear that ABBA’S PLACE is above JESUS HOME. It’s like a mountain diamonds very bright and white above Jesus Home, she said. But today her dream was different from her previous dreams of heaven.

Her dream:
I was at Jesus home. I saw the moon, very big and it changes colors from white to yellow. Then I saw a big big big star very bright, like a falling star. It fall from very high to the Earth. And it makes a big hole in it. (When i isked her did she knew where it landed, then she said “NORTH AMERICA”!. And when i asked her how did she knew it’s North America, i just know it.)

Maybe this is another confirmation of others’ dreams and visions that i read and seen on videos posted. I kept recording her dreams, my dreams and my other kids dreams about endtimes. I know some of them are prophetic.
May the Lord kept us in peace, as we go thru all these trying times. Keep the good fight, for the Lord’s kingdom, and for His glory.
God bless you.


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  1. Catherine

    I saw the same in 2005. Something hit the earth, the earth came out of her axis, I heard christians saying: we are under the protection, nothing can happen to us but all these people were killed by Tsunamis or other catastophes. My husband and me, we run somewhere and then Jesus came to us and gave us instructions , what to do. Later I was singing: wake up, pray, heal and deliver because the Bridegroom is coming soon! then I understood why so many christians were killed! they slept, they didn’t pray, didn’t prepare, didn’t give testimony….

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