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Dream of 4 Moons – Cassandra

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Dream of 4 Moons

July 14, 2021 6:53 AM

Rec’d 7/13/21

Hello my dear brothers and sisters in Yahushua,

I pray you are all doing well. I want to start out by thanking John for all of his hard work on this site, and letting you know that I pray for everyone that contributes to and reads the messages on this site. I am so thankful for John and this ministry. I will also share with you that “Cassandra” is not my name in real life. In Dec. of 2018, I heard a LOUD and BOOMING CASSANDRA! in the night. I have only heard God’s/YHWH’s voice audibly a few times, and this was one of them. In researching, I found that Cassandra was an unheeded prophet of doom in the times of Helen of Troy. She warned people about the trojan horse, but no one listened. I mention that, because it has been true that my prophetic dreams mainly foretell of bad things, and no one (that I know) listens to me. I am so thankful for this forum where I can share my dreams and visions with whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear. My family and people I know mainly think I am crazy. I am guessing many of you can relate.

Anyway, I had a brief dream last night of seeing 4 moons. They MAY have been planets, I am not sure. They were not in any sort of order in the sky, but they were all visible in one portion of the sky. All of the sudden, I was on an airplane, and was able to see two of the moons or planets closely. I was able to take a picture of those two moons. There was nothing otherwise unique or noteworthy about the view from the plane, just that THEY WERE CLOSE.

I will share a few related dreams as well. I didn’t share this one, but feel I should now, on 6/26/21 I dreamed I saw a HUGE full moon in the sky. It took up more than 1/3 of the sky. I could not get a good picture of it. For whatever reason, when I have these dreams, I sometimes try to take pictures of what I see.

I have also had dreams, which I shared on this site of two suns. One of the suns had red splotches on it. In another dream in the past I saw 5 moons or planets and they were evenly spaced apart and in direct alignment, as if connected by a string. I saw one of those moons more closely defined, and announced “that is Nibiru.

So, in summary, although I don’t know the exact meaning of seeing all of these planets/moons/suns, I believe they are warnings of bad things to come. With this “Cassandra” blessing (or curse) I often see bad things, (like Obummer and the Pope and their evil roles, the black horse which is famine, $9 gas prices, and the bear representing Russia.)

One good thing I will share is another song I got in my spirit, on 4/7/21, “Fishing in the Dark” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. One of the repeating phrases is “BABY GET READY.” If you listen to the song, it may encourage you.

All right, enough for now. Blessings to you all, and I truly thank John for all of his Kingdom work, and everyone who contributes to this site!

Blessings, encouragement, love, and shalom,



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