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DREAM OBAMA & THE RED WEDDING – Yahushua’s Walk With Me


June 11, 2020
Yahushua’s Walk With Me

Auto Generated Transcript

hello everybody blessings and welcome to
you students walk with me I have a dream
to share with you that I had this
morning and it’s a little bit of a doozy
I was very upsetting to me and um my
Isaac funny is because I had been crying
and bear with me if I cry did telling
you about this dream um I received a
June 11th at I woke up and I saw the
clock at 3:55 but it asked the Lord what
time I woke up and that was 352 and he’s
always talked to me in numbers um since
he’s woken me up always so that’s why I
asked him things like that because he
tells me lots with numbers and the
Strong’s Concordance
and 352 is to look up elated rise up
lift up 355 the time actually looked at
the clock it says to annihilate takes to
consume okay so he told me to name this
dream and video Obama and the red
my family and I were all at a conference
in a some sort it was very calm
unsuspecting we saw Obama getting ready
for a trip the conference packing bags
baking cakes three different desserts it
was time for Obama to leave and he
pretended like he was leaving the
desserts were definitely preferred to be
inviting warm and welcoming that’s what
I got the revelation I got from that he
pretended to like he was leaving the
he told my family something doesn’t feel
right after I said that I turned around
Obama was coming back into the
conference building with other men then
then at this point there were guards at
the door Obama came over to me and
started talking to me about Allah then
the other men about five came over and I
said Jesus loves you they all grabbed me
including Obama and started praying and
in a language I didn’t understand it was
Islamic it was Islam they’re praying
Islamic prayers I did I didn’t
understand but I knew what they were
doing Obama had a huge devilish cheesy
smile that two men who don’t can’t
discern don’t have the gifted swim it
would not think anything they wouldn’t
think I’d just looked normal um he sat
me down and put out the desserts he made
so many people started coming in happily
coming into the conference center to see
Obama on their own Obama sat beside me
and smiled the most wicked smile
and said something on the AC the empty
at least but he said AC I’m just telling
you what that means I tried to warn
people at the door that it was a trap
but the cop guarding the door told me to
and told me they had killed a cop and he
pointed over to the cop that was killed
killed a cop for letting another person
who was already inside warned someone
outside I kept trying to warn everybody
some listened a lot didn’t all of a
sudden we were all in orange jumpsuits
looked like jail suits prison suits
Obama had called for everyone to come
into an underground dirt floor basement
area that looked like it was an
unfinished or destroyed parking garage
like you know the different levels of
the parking garage I told people I was
walking in was to repent that we were
going to die
they wouldn’t
I barely got in the door hey god I could
all the dirt floor I could see people’s
bodies like their torsos just I could
only see half of it they were all these
orange jumpsuits on the floor beside and
then before I knew it I heard gun
machine guns and I was shot and I could
feel it all hid my body hit the ground I
started leaving my body and I could feel
the wind rushing but it was black it was
dark and I felt like I was being pulled
I saw Oakland Jesus
and I woke up
and I asked God what I needed to do and
why did I see darkness and what I needed
to do tell me what to do cause I don’t
want to see that it was the most
horrible feeling
and he told me that’s what people are
gonna see because they won’t turn to him
when he told me oh you have you my
precious baby
so this remind me of the red wedding and
Obama red wedding joke
and his final presidential dinner in
2016 that was April and it was to judge
Merrick garland I don’t really know
anything about this judge or anything
but this is the joke thesis is a quote
from Obama there in the house which
reminds me security bar the doors judge
Merrick garland come on out we’re gonna
do this right here right now Obama said
it’s like the red wedding now if you
guys don’t know what the red wedding was
it was a scene in Game of Thrones that
they had a wedding and it was a
slaughter they locked him in and then
they slaughtered them
so the revelations that I have gotten
from this is that Obama has never left
power never he’s been in the shadows and
he is here now and he is behind
what we’re seeing unfolding of takeovers
of cities and things so God gave me some
Scripture and of course he wants you to
get right they’re gonna be so many
people that won’t repent I won’t turn
and take the free gift of salvation
I’m sorry
it was a really hard dream
because they came in because they they
loved him and they liked
when you see the blackness is that
people are gonna see that
oh I forgot to do something um I forgot
to have been sold said about this that I
forgot to put some scripture and to read
to you here so I will put it in the
description because God in Matthew talks
about sending his angels before the
harvest to get the darkness out first
something to that effect
okay so I’ll put it in the description
I’m sorry forgot about it this is just
hard it’s heavy I will do what he wants
me to do
he wanted me to feel a little for a
he wanted me to convey how horrible it
was because people will experience that
so let’s see if I can read the coming
Son of Man Luke 21 25 through 28 and
there shall be signed to the Sun and the
moon and stars and upon the earth
distress and distress of Nations with
perplexity the sea and the waves roaring
men’s heart failing them from fear and
for looking after those things which are
coming to the earth for the powers of
heaven shall be shaken and then shall
they see the Son of man coming in a
cloud with power and great glory and
when these things begin to come to pass
then look up and lift up your heads your
for your Redemption draweth nigh he’s so
okay excuse me and then 2 Thessalonians
2 8 through 12 and then shall that
wicked be revealed whom the Lord shall
consume with the spirit of his mouth and
shall destroy with the brightness of his
coming even him whose coming is after
the working of Satan with all power
signs lying and lying wonders and with
all deceivableness and unrighteousness
in them that perish because they
received not the love of the truth that
they might be saved and for this cause
God shall send them strong delusion that
they should believe a lie and they all
might be damned who believed not the
truth but had pleasure in
unrighteousness so people have this free
gift of salvation and they just they
don’t care they don’t see it and it’s
getting serious as you can see it’s
going fast things are speeding up so
the Beast is here people he’s been here
but he is here
so it also says stand firm 2
Thessalonians 2 13 through 17 but we are
bound to give thanks always to God for
you for you brethren beloved of the Lord
because God has from the beginning
chosen you to salvation through
sanctification of the Spirit and belief
of the truth where until he called you
by our gospel to obtain of the glory of
our Lord Jesus Christ therefore brethren
stand fast and hold traditions which he
had been taught whether by the word or
epistle now our Lord Jesus Christ
himself and God even her father which
had loved us and had given us
everlasting Constellation and good hope
through grace comfort your hearts and
establish you in every good word excuse
me in every good work so excuse me
anyone with ears to hear should listen
and understand what I just told you what
God has told you do me it’s all God
messages I’m just a vessel
I hope you guys are okay the it’s
getting heavy out there right and a lot
of his children are feeling it and we
must pray against the witchcraft and the
magic and the spells and the hexes and
the vexes and the curses we we must pray
against all of it I’m going to ask him
if he wants me to share a another
warfare prayer but you know we don’t
want to give the enemy all of our
secrets either so I’ll ask the Lord and
if he wants me to share at this time I
will put it in the description if he
doesn’t then we’ll figure out another
way to get it to you guys um so
I just pray God sends you his peace and
his joy and his comfort in this time
because those advised to see see how
fast and serious it is and know that he
loves you
those of you they love children out
there think about how much she loved
them he loves you zillions more can you
imagine I mean I can’t imagine I got my
baby so much but he loves you so much
more than that so you know I pray that
I’m calm Lord they can escape all
horrors that are coming to this earth
that my family my loved ones I found
worthy to escape all horrors that are
coming to this earth and I pray that we
are hidden in Christ to his return and
that we are never I can’t say the last
one I just don’t want to get out too
sorry not because of you but there are
enemies watching this I know it’s all
I hope this finds the people that it
needs to and I pray that you guys have
protection strength and your faith is
strengthened and your protection is
increased and you trust in him
increases your love for him increases
and know that he has your back and
prepare yourself you cannot everybody
wants to get to heaven but they don’t
want to die to get there right
but you must prepare yourself because
that’s the only way to get there
okay I know that’s hard to hear for some
people that’s the only way unless he
birds Rex it’s right out of our bodies
and were standing there I guess there’s
two ways I don’t know how he’s gonna do
and he says a blink of an eye but I mean
he certainly has shown me a few
different ways of dying okay I love you
jesus loves you God loves you father God
loves you in Jesus mighty name

Significant Vision of Angels

This morning I had a significant vision. I saw angels with huge baskets in a field and I thought “ah harvest angels”. I then saw them picking up moving dark black objects from the field and putting them in their huge baskets. I was immediately taken to Matthew 13 and specifically verse 41. “The Son of Man will send His angels, and they will remove from His kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil.” This vision is not the final fulfillment of this passage but it is a preliminary fulfillment- something that happens frequently with scripture. Verse 39 of Matthew 13, tells us “the harvesters are the angels”. We are headed into a major world harvest of souls to Christ that will precipitate and work towards the harvest of nations themselves. This means they will shift from being goat nations to being sheep nations- from being under a curse to being under blessing.

The “harvester angels” come not to harvest the crop of as in those coming to Christ but to harvest the evil blocking that harvest- an evil that has matured exceedingly and now must be “harvested”. Verse 42, says of that evil, “And the angels will throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”. Justice and judgment time. Compared to the angels the evil was smaller than the size of their hands speaking of the immensity of these harvest angels. The “little dark black objects” I saw were something living and kicking and so I knew they were people. The ending Matthew 13:43 verse related to the harvest is also to have a manifestation now in our day. “Then the righteous will shine like the sun in their Father’s Kingdom. Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand!” -Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow


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