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Dream: Obama the Antichrist preparing for his golden opportunity immediately after the rapture – Gwendolen Song

Gwendolen Song

A Dream where I saw the Antichrist, Barack Obama, Holding a Dustpan preparing for His Golden Opportunity Immediately After the Rapture


April 4, 2017, By Messenger Gwendolen Song)

Today I want to read to you a message that I received from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, and I pray that everyone who follows the end time’s events, and are careful observers of the period that is quickly approaching, Daniel’s 70 weeks, that you will be blessed by this…

To My Dearest Children who are patiently awaiting My Son’s soon arrival;

Children, I want to share with you the dream that I sent to My daughter this morning in hopes that it will keep you up to speed with what is going on behind the scenes—behind the dark scenes of Barack Obama.

Children, do you know what time of the year the enemy takes a break from doing his evil schemes? Do you what time of year he packs up his suitcase and heads off for a moment of relaxation and refreshment?….I do! I do because I am God and see everything that is going on from My holy throne…Children, the enemy never takes a vacation and yet I am about to send him on one that will last for an eternity very soon! He is going to the Lake of Fire, and He will have a lot of company from his Illuminati cronies who have helped propel him to the top of his iceberg!

The enemy never sleeps dearest ones. He is a lion on the prowl. He is a snake hiding in the bushes. He is like a komodo dragon waiting on who he can pounce next! He has his orders, and he will soon be operating with the full mantle of the Antichrist, and his dirty deeds will be completely out in the open!

Children, I want to share with you the need for you to increase your prayers over the plans of the enemy! He is scheming on how to ensnare the Christian remnant as soon as the rapture of My holy children occurs. He knows that there are many of My children who are not fully surrendered to Me and he also knows that as soon as the rapture occurs, he must take drastic measures to call them to his side of the fence. He will quickly try to win favor with them. Many Christians will be in shock and will be outraged that they were deceived. The Antichrist will try and make his greatest moves immediately after the rapture of the Bride of Christ. He will try to draw the Christians who are remaining on this planet out in the open and ask them to rise and help those who are hurting, lost, depressed, and filled with grief over what has just taken place—-AN ALIEN ABDUCTION OF A GLOBAL KIND! Yes, dearest ones. The Antichrist will be playing on the heartstrings of all those who profess faith in the Christian God Jesus Christ as a means to bring attention to the Christians who are remaining. Please use all caution in coming forward, dearest ones. Do not make yourselves so visible that you let your defenses down. Stay hidden. Stay covered by My Holy and Righteous Blood, and wait for My further orders as to how to navigate through the remainder of your time on the planet. I will have specific orders for you, and I will guide you day in and day out. I will lead you to water, and I will lead you to safety, and some of you will go into captivity and die as martyrs for the cause of Christ.

Please bring this message to your prayer time, dearest ones. Please make a copy of it also and tuck it away inside a Bible on the bookshelves of your home. Please pray for your families and your neighbors and for those who are in authority because all hell is about to break loose on your planet and you will only be able to endure the Great Tribulation with the guidance of the King!

In My daughter’s dream, the Antichrist was holding a white dustpan as he was cleaning up the various messes from his presidency. He is now regrouping and reorganizing. He has been taken out of the spotlight on purpose, dearest ones. You may call it Divine Intervention if you wish, but I will share with you that it is a plan of the fallen ones to allow the Holy Spirit-filled children of God a short amount of time to come out of their comfort zones and catch their breath before they unleash their wrath upon you. They want you to believe that things are going smoothly in the United States for their own devious purposes. They are reorganizing, and they are gaining momentum and making their last minute touches before they begin dropping nuclear bombs all across your planet. They are very patient, and they are very cautious. They move so slowly that you would never see their plans unfolding. They manipulate the global currencies, and they move the stock market up and down just to entertain you while they are aligning their next set of plans to ensnare you.

They are also planning on unleashing the greatest assault that mankind has ever known—a virtual reality that will have all of the children of God distracted—implantation of mind altering devices. The enemy would like nothing more than to completely control the minds of all of My precious children and so he is about to unveil another one of his devious schemes. A device that is so nefarious in its intentions that those who are not familiar with the Word of God will walk right into his trap. He wants to give hope to those who are diseased that they will be able to walk again with this technology..for those who are blind that they will be able to see again or they will be able to see for the first time if they have been blind since birth. This technology will be like having the roots of the tree of knowledge of good and evil officially planted within your brains. Who will need to have a God if you are given the gifts of immortality and infinite wisdom? You will all become gods in a sense, or so he wants you to believe.

I say to you this day, dearest ones, revisit the story of the Garden of Eden. Study the fall of mankind and where the original sin began. It was over the craving of unlimited knowledge. And as you are reading the account of the first two humans remember the words of the serpent to them: “You shall not surely die!” He was and is a LIAR to this very day and you must remember the fall of the first two humans to understand the goal of this alien demon technology! Their aim is to give you all knowledge. All knowledge can only come from Me, and so I need My holy children rebuking his plans and covering their loved ones with My precious blood beginning today if you have not already been praying in this regard. Pray that My will be done on earth as it is in heaven and in the lives of your loved ones. Begin praying today, dearest ones. And when you are praying, please remember the white dustpan of President Barack Obama. Understand that while he is cleaning up from his very muddied presidency, that Team Satan is organizing and restructuring and preparing for their ruling moments upon the planet. It will be a short rule, and it will be a powerful rule. I allow them to have this limited power to cause all of mankind to cry out to Me and My Son. Please begin praying/pleading with Me today.


King Yeshua & Father God

Genesis chapter 3, Revelation 13:5-10, I Thessalonians chapter 5, Revelation 19:11-20 (PRAISE GOD!)



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