Dream, Earthquake, Invasion, Rapture


Lloyd Acree


Dream from April 27, 2018 at about 10:20 PM

** (I will attempt to only describe what I saw and felt while experiencing this dream. No conclusions will be included unless they came to me while dreaming). **

I Saw Soldiers Distributing Heavy Gear and Lots of Bullets For War Into Their Backpacks.

The Next Thing I Know, There Is This Bomber-Airplane Cruising In and Out, Into, Up, Over and Through the Valleys and Around the Mountains, Dropping Nuclear Bombs Into Each Valley It Seemed, With No Specific Targets… Just WHOOSH, Next Valley, WHOOSH, Next Valley, WHOOSH…

I Found Myself As If One Of Those On The Ground, Expecting The Nukes Being Dropped To Come Closer and Closer. I Thought To Myself: This Is It, the Rapture

Next, I Saw That The Earth Was Dramatically Shifting Everywhere. The Ground Was Moving Like Glaciers but at the Speed of Mudslides. It Was Still Solid Earth, Extremely Solid in Fact Like I’ve Seen in the Desert of California: That Hard Compacted Sandy Ground Where You Can’t Dig Past a Few Feet In Many Places Without Hitting Solid Rock; This Ground I Saw Did Not Look Like The East Coast USA (Although The Bomber Plane’s Mountains Did Look Like The Appalachians). So We Were Trying To Run and Get Away From the Sliding Earth Movements Just Like You Would Escape a Raging River, by Wading to the Sidelines. People Were Dropping Into the Soil Up To Their Waste and The Earth Would Grab Their Legs and Carry Them Away Like That, Waist-Deep. All While Still Wondering If The Nuclear Bombs Would Drop Onto Us. These People Around Me Seemed to be from South Asia However (Such As Nepal, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Or Someplace Like That). I Had No Idea Why. I Am Not Certain Where Any Of This Was Taking Place…

Then I Saw An Airplane’s-Eye View of “New England” As If From Over The Atlantic, Looking West Down At The Coast. The Only State Name that Came To My Mind Was “NEW JERSEY” As I Watched A Huge Swath of Land in This State Lurch Over Inland and Carry Everything Across Into Another Neighboring State. We Are Talking Miles and Miles of Land It Seemed, a Mountain-Like Formation But Without an Increase of Altitude. It Just Heaved Up And Powered Over, Kind of Like Shoving Your Heel Through Beach Sand, Jamming Inland, Travelling Miles In Against the Continent. I Was Confused About New Jersey Though: I Did Not Know If This Was Happening There, Or Further Up The Coast; Maybe It Was Happening In More Places As Well.

Next I Heard All Kinds of Communications Between People Using Radios and Maybe Satellite and Cell Phones. They Were Dumbfounded In Disbelief and At a Loss for Words How To Explain To Each Other What They Were Seeing Take Place, How Much The Earth Had Shifted And What Had Happened To The Land Which Was Now Crossing Borders and Sliding Away Neighborhoods. At This Point I Came To Believe That The Earth Was Clearly Suffering the Worst Earthquakes And “Tectonic” Rearrangements Since Noah’s Flood Or Even Perhaps “Prehistory”. People Ran To Thick Buildings, and Anything Big or Cave-like Really, To Hide And Avoid the Earth-Floes. Anything Might Shift at Any Moment. All The While Waiting To Get Nuked By That Airplane.

– Lloyd Acree


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