Dream: new assignments being handed out – Doug Hatcher

Doug Hatcher

In the dream I am watching new assignments being handed out. All of my dream was military because that is what I understand best and it is my background.
Everyone was being shuffled.
I have always been in groups, on staff, I was expecting more of the same…but this time I was practically the last one picked.
Which is another sign to me about what is COMING on a personal level.
I was in Desert Shield
which became Desert Storm and they had me doing odd jobs but kept me somewhat busy…..up to the POINT that the War was to begin.
Then SUDDENLY the Commander wanted me as the Operations Sargent. The only other person on shift with me would be an Officer, standard duty, But during the war.

I was then apologized to and then informed why I was on all
those details ‘ so to speak’ ..keeping me busy.
The main one was being the Mail Clerk- as we got ready for war within the Saudi desert.
Then the Commander explained:
We brought you in NOW ….BECAUSE we can Trust YOU.

I just had a dream which kept me fully aware and fully engaged.
In the natural it was ASSIGNMENTS….so it is SO…in the Spirit.

Its coming!

Yes I got a different assignment THIS time
..and I am STILL ON STAFF.

I am (to be) assistant to the
(whomever that is…in the Spirit…is pretty High Up…..)

What an Honor!!!

I say YES LORD!!

Just b4 I woke up- I realized I was ALREADY forming plans and strategies in my mind….
Lets Go!!!!
Lets Roll!!!
Lets Do THIS!!!

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