Dream, Invasion, Nibiru, Nuclear

Dream: Mushroom Cloud, Two Suns, Invasion – Heather McAfee Ricketts

Heather McAfee Ricketts

Hi friends, I thought I would share this very strange dream that I had a couple weeks ago. Maybe someone has some insight or has had something similar?

9/22/18 I dreamt I was looking out the picture window in our sun room which over looks the city and river to the East. Something strange was going on in the sky. It was dark and there were tiny red lights darting around everywhere. I was wondering if it was some kind of invasion? Suddenly I saw the sky turn orange and a mushroom cloud in the horizon. I also saw in the distance what looked like 2 suns? Or planets? They were low, on the horizon. The sky was still orange and then I thought I saw 1 more to the left when suddenly bright lights were shining down from the sky on my house and I heard a loud noise and realized military choppers were flying above. Then I woke up


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