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Dream/Message: Warning To Those Alive In The World: Message 504 – Terri Taplin

Terri Taplin

April 19, 2017

Warning To Those Alive In The World Message 504


I dreamed last night of martial law. It was different in that it was total control. Everything that people owned was no longer theirs. The military and government agencies came and took everything, food, water, clothing, furniture, everything and everyone they found. The people then had to work to get their rations of food and clothing. Andy Griffith was in my dream with his young son and they too had to stand in line to get their supplies, but could only get what they had coupons for.

The Lord told me, This is how it was going to be for everyone left behind even the rich and famous that think they are safe from this have been lied to. The evil that will sweep the land will cover every nation and affect all people, young, old, rich and poor.

I looked up the meaning of the name Andy and it means “diminutive ending.

The dream felt so very real and today as I am thinking on it, it feels even more real, and I am getting the understanding that this is the future for all that do not wake up and heed His warning right now.

Yesterday and last night I led to look at the time and saw the times 555, and 444, I think He was giving me confirmation that He is here and we are hearing Him.

My Children, I have shown you that those that are dead to self, and the world, and truly have Christ alive in them are indeed the Dead In Christ.
It is written that those that are left alive will come and join them in the clouds, but this is only the ones that truly see the My truth. The warnings of the destruction, chaos, pain, death, war, martial law etc, it what is in the future for all of those that will not listen. People of the earth, WAKE UP, WAKE UP NOW, and see there truly is salvation, redemption, and safety in My Son, Jesus Christ, Yeshua. Call out His name now, go to Him and let Him live in you, let Him make you a new creation and let Him make your heart ready. The signs are real, the warnings are real and so are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Know us now, live in Us now and truly Psalms 23, and 91 will be yours.

I have a feeling like I have not had before. Before the feeling of urgency was that it would happen soon, the feeling I have now is that IT WILL HAPPEN NOW. There is no time to be messing around, worrying which one is right, which one is wrong, who is hearing from God and who is not.

It is time now to hear Him and He is saying THERE IS NO MORE TIME. God is truly warning us and it could be for the last time. Listen to Him, heed His words and let Jesus Christ live in you and make your heart ready while there is time.
God bless us all, I love you.

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