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Dream & Message: Pizza Gone Wrong – Pollox


Dream & Message: Pizza Gone Wrong

December 5, 2021 7:07 AM

December 3, 2021

Scriptural Reference: Ezechiel Chapter 3 Verses 1 – 4
1. “And he said to me: Son of man, eat all that thou shalt find: eat this book, and go speak to the children of Israel.
2. And I opened my mouth, and he caused me to eat that book.
3. And he said to me: Son of man, thy belly shall eat, and thy bowels shall be filled with this book, which I give thee: And I did eat it: and it was sweet as honey in my mouth.
4. And he said to me: Son of man, go to the house of Israel, and thou shall speak my words to them.”


Had this dream Saturday morning, November 14, 2020 and wrote it up in my diary but never thought of posting it because it was short and had no confirmation to do so. The confirmation came this week when I was doing some year-end work. Feel the time for this reality is now very close. I do not personally eat Pizza. There is one store in town that makes them but it is next to a marijuana retail outlet and in the same building, owned by the same people. The Lord did fortell this awhile back that drugs would be twined with many other retail operations, i.e. normal.

In the dream one Pizza cost $75.00, but there was no way to get it as there was a total Lockdown and I could not leave my home and delivery was not an option. The delivery part I was not sure about, even if delivery did exist anymore or they refused to deliver to someone who was not compliant with the Health Passport Certificate.


And what is The Book if not the Bible? Yes, eat and digest My Word Now for soon it will disappear and be illegal. And what is Israel if not all the Children of God, who have chosen God Almighty and follow the Lamb of God, Jesus The Christ. Be vigilant, listen-up for the Time Is Now! Do not be ashamed and regret later, for there will be hunger for the body and the soul. Abandon this dying world to its own destruction. Selah!



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