Dream: Merkel knows, what she is doing! – Catherine

Dream: Merkel knows, what she is doing! – Catherine

This morning the 5. of March I had a dream:

I was somewhere and Mrs. Merkel came. She had on her head a big hood of wool, it was special big and in blue. I said to the people around: Mrs. Merkel has many faces, many masks and she changes them according the situation. She knows what she is doing. The people answered: she knows, what she is doing!
Then the scene changed. We were like in a concentration camp. It looked like the film „1984“ of George Orwell. We had all of us to work. I tried to motivate people to stand up against this slavery, so a watchman-woman came to discipline me but I said: In the Name of Jesus! The woman begun to run in panick..I run behind her, the path was very steep downwards, extremely dangerous, I had more to fly than to walk but I understood that this path could lead me to the Exit, so I called my son to come quickly with me and then I woke up.
What was special for me in the dream: the big, blue head covering of Mrs. Merkel. I had the impression it has to do with authority. So I asked me: who is really the “boss” between the Elite?

I‘m still wondering about the dream. I‘m in an islamic country now, near Saudi Arabia, to pray and do some “work” and God gives me this dream. I had some years ago another dream about Merkel, where I saw that she changes masks. She is not the person people think.

May the Lord prepare us and protect us in the time, that is coming!

Shalom, Catherine

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