Dream: Meeting people RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

September 16, 2018

In the early morning hours, about 5am today,.. I lay in my bed and I believe by the Spirit of the Lord I was shown this…..I was not asleep:

I saw what appeared to be an old broken down dark and dingy hotel.
I walked through those lonely dirty halls.
I could sense the Lord leading me to somewhere.
The walls had holes and were torn and ripped and the floor as well.
I could see clearly that the inside of this hotel was not immune to the weather outside.
It was filthy, dark and depressing in this place.
I continued to walk past room after room. I felt like I was on a mission.

I heard not a single sound of anything…. not even my own footsteps as I traversed through this place.
At one point I was lead to a room, I cannot remember the number but it started with 2.
As I approached this door, for the first time I could hear.

On the other side of the door I could hear a man praying. He was pouring his heart out to God.
I heard him say:

” Lord, send me someone , I’m tired God, I’m lonely and I’m hurting…..Jesus are you there?”
He prayed on…..”Lord, I need to know you’re there and that you can hear me!”…..
I could hear the desperation in the timbre of his voice, I could tell this man was thinking about taking his life because of the pain and weariness and loneliness.

My heart broke for this lonely soul and I could take it no more!
I wanted to tell him about Jesus and the hope we have in Christ!
So I knocked on the door very gently….I could hear the man stop praying….
I heard footsteps walking toward the door….
He opened the door and he was an elderly old man, a small withered lonely soul.
He was unkept… and had the look of ages of hard living on his wrinkled face.
He looked at me and through his pain, he smiled and invited me in….
I walked into his apartment, Bible in my hand….

The vision was over…..


People are hurting, lonely and afraid. WHO will go to these places to reach them?
Does Jesus not love these as much as any other?
Is it not the poor and needy, the widowed, the broken that we are called to?
It’s time for the church to spend as much time going out into the communities and meeting people RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE and spend as much time sharing the Lord there as we do in our services!

I’m reminded of what the Lord said to the Prophet Ezekiel:
“And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none!”

I say, if no one else does, Lord I will stand in the gap…I will Lord!


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